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  1. TheLonelyIsland

    PLEASE pray.....this is NOT a joke!

    please dont take it as such.........:nono: my dad is really sick!:( he layed in bed today in pure agony , his chest hurts , arms are throbbing , his entire body shakes , he cant sleep at night cuz of the intense pain.......he had a heart attack in 2009 and the symptoms weren't this...
  2. TheLonelyIsland


    friggen blackbirds , everyday i go out to my truck and its covered in bird $h!t , driving me nuts have to wash it everyday!this is what i loved maynooth for! if ya have an animal problem , get the gun lol but here you pizz on a tree and the neighbors complain! anything to get rid of these...
  3. TheLonelyIsland

    car audio....

    so ive got a JENSION sub for my truck , and an MEI 600w amp (model #da4450) it has a on it says: 4 channel bridgeable desing ultra stable PWM power supply selectable frequency subwoofer crossover high current output devices i wanna run two 5 inch up front , 2 6x9's in the back...
  4. TheLonelyIsland

    A good cheap Quad?

    hey people.........thinking of trading my dirt bike for a quad.......just for the heck of it......whats a good cheap quad? preferably jap made , yamaha , suzuki , honda , kawasaki stuff like that , no polaris bombardier , possibly arctic cat.......300 or bigger. can anybody help me out? thanks
  5. TheLonelyIsland


    reply to my pm!!! i need your advice!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you:d
  6. TheLonelyIsland

    nissan have made a sweet little truck.

    well we took my truck to tofino today! friggen 6 hour drive! fully loaded , 2 dirt bikes , 4 people and all our riding gear , steep mountain passes with no room to change your mind! 30 k/hr turns , rocks right next to the road , so close you can touch a snow storm (we were high , IN...
  7. TheLonelyIsland

    happy birthday sledhead_2002!

    happy birthday man! thanks for all your help and friendship!:d:d hope its an amazing day
  8. TheLonelyIsland

    my pride and joy.

    my new truck! i love it , 91 nissan king cab! great shape i love it!!! i cant believe how great it is to have my own money , dirt bike and a truck........i love having a job....:d:d:d 198 k , came with a canopy that i just took off today (stupid ugly thing) $1,300.....
  9. TheLonelyIsland

    fuel gauge has lost it

    bought a 91 nissan king cab today , on the way home i put some gas in it , 3/4 of a tank and once it got to half it dropped instantly to 1/4 and didn't come back up.....what could this be? other then this the truck is perfect! can i do this repair by myself? mechanics are rip off artists....most...
  10. TheLonelyIsland

    If you dont laugh , you have no soul...........

    BUAHAHAHAHA i doubled over in laughter!
  11. TheLonelyIsland

    Hilarious Dirt Bike wheelie

  12. TheLonelyIsland

    Thanks heavy d!

    never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever thought i'd say that!!!!!! just got back from riding and the bike is running perfect and it was the best dirt bike ride ever!!!! i jumped it like 3-4 feet high it was great!! my dad thinks ive lost it! lol thanks heavy d the bike has never run...
  13. TheLonelyIsland

    Anybody In Kamloops?

    hey peeps! thinking of buying this truck....he wants to trade for my bike plus i throw cash anybody close enough to have a look at it for me? maybe a test drive????? 1998 GMC Sierra 1500 Pickup Truck - Kamloops Cars For Sale - Kijiji Kamloops Canada. thanks a bunch!
  14. TheLonelyIsland


    just wanted to say thanks to dale dalueg , arff and his wife , polarice and rider4life for sending their gifts and cards , about time i thanked you guys! and femme fatale for hatching the plan....... they meant alot and i'm still enjoying them daily............thanks. and God bless you...
  15. TheLonelyIsland

    i guess everything breaks down eventually....

    well today my yamaha for the first time let me down:( for some reason it only runs on choke and only starts on choke! checked the plug and its perfect! last weekend it ran not so much......starting to annoy the neighbors from starting it lol as soon as you let the clutch it it...
  16. TheLonelyIsland

    i'm sorry.........

    well , today while i was reading my bible God made me turn to a page in matthew , it described everything perfectly and made things a little more clear , also made me realise i was a dick for the way i responded to comments , i'm sorry , very was wrong in God's eyes so i...
  17. TheLonelyIsland

    any sooke riders???

    ok so i just bought a bike but my dad rarely wants to go!:( and i dont have a truck to get my bike to the pits and stuff , anybody thats willing to take me i'll pay for fuel and stuff!!! just someone to tag along with! please let me know i just bought a bike and cant ride , we live in the...
  18. TheLonelyIsland

    Show some friggen respect!

    not the thread you think! theirs a war vet the comes into timmies everyday and gets a coffee , hes old , shakey and nice as can be! i'd do anything for him. he rides a scooter , a power scooter. theirs another group that comes in everyday , their stuck up , rude and disrespectful , treat...
  19. TheLonelyIsland

    whats a good truck for a teenager?

    ok so instead of saving for a sled i'm saving for a truck! i need 4x4 , decent fuel economy , and NO FORDS.:nono::nono::nono::nono::nono: i'll consider buying anything but a ford! preferably a pickup. so , whats a good truck? remember NO FORDS NO FORDS NO FORDS NO FORDS.
  20. TheLonelyIsland

    its old......but its mine......

    k heres my new toy! 1979 yamaha it 125 , friggen fast for the size! believe it or not both these bikes sat in an old man's barn for 15 years! then the barn burnt down............WITH THE BIKES IN IT!:eek: dont ask me how they came out so clean! other one is also a 79 , suzi pe 250 , also mint.
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