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  1. maxwell

    The real reason the matryx boost is delayed!!

    Because they still haven’t figured out how to clutch it properly. Go watch Chris burandts latest video thing sounds worse than my 2014 TSS xm with a backyard kit on it. If the sled makes consistent 185 HP how come they have such a hard time figuring it out? I would get in contact with your...
  2. maxwell

    New Valemount Webcamera

    Martin Motorsports in partnership with Best Western Valemount has generously given us access to a new web camera. It is positioned at the Hotel and has a great view of Westridge and surrounding mountains. Another tool for your trip planning toolbox. The camera has really good resolution so its...
  3. maxwell

    Compact Tractors

    Im in need of something for my property to Clear snow, Move Trailers, run a power broom and snowblower, lift sleds onto decks etc. Im looking at some low hour Deere 1023R machines..... they seem totally capable for snow removal etc but my only concern is i wouldnt be able to move snowmobiles...
  4. maxwell

    Can BAofeng work on marine VHF?

    im not really familiar with radios and frequencies etc but my Baofeng has a preprogrammed channel called VHF16. When i turn my boats marine radio to channel 16 they do not connect. I thought beofeng was FM?
  5. maxwell

    Trouble firing up old 85 Evinrude

    I was trying to get my uncles old boat going for him the other day. Its been stored indoors for the last 20 years and has not been used since. At first the engine turned over very slowly, so i added more power, jumpers from a truck etc and still turns over very slowly. I removed the plugs and as...
  6. maxwell

    SXS tire solution for Construction site

    I purchased a new Defender for my crew and they are eating up the factory rubber pretty quick with nails etc. is there a better solution? hard surface or foam filling?
  7. maxwell

    Polaris ambassadors are saying the NA is the way to go!

    I’m just curious, almost every Polaris sponsored rider and ambassador has come out and said the NA 850 slash is the way to go, not the boost version. Sort of undermines the integrity of their program when they are making it so obvious that they still need to sell snowmobiles that aren’t...
  8. maxwell

    2022 Polaris Boost Math

    if a skidoo factory turbo at 10,000ft makes 165hp and a Polaris factory turbo makes 181hp that is an 8.8% increase....... if a skidoo factory turbo makes 4psi at 10,000ft to maintain 165 hp and a polaris boost makes 9psi at 10,00ft to maintain 181hp.....thats a 56% increase in boost level for...
  9. maxwell

    Lynx Boondocker 4100 Review and Technical Discussion

    Thanks to Martin Motorsports i had had the chance to spend 3 solid days on the new Lynx Boondocker 165"/4100 model. This is an interesting machine, at first glance most might assume this is just a different looking Summit, and dont get me wrong there are some similarities. I had this machine...
  10. maxwell

    ETEC Cold Starts - Information

    Just wanted to give a little tip to those who may not know. In severe cold weather the ETEC engines can sometimes have a few hiccups with cold starts. With the engine block being frozen and tight it is not possible to get a proper pull on the cord to initiate all of the electronics in the proper...
  11. maxwell

    lawn tractor hydrostatic issue

    i have a Cub Cadet with 20hp engine and snow blower. has 600 hours now and the transmission seems like it is getting weak. Reverse doesnt work at all after about 10 minutes of operation ( seems once the fluid is up to temp it starts to fail) and forward gears wont even spin the tires under load...
  12. maxwell

    2013 Polaris Sportsman 500 Bogging issue

    Went to go plow some snow on the weekend and the machine just bogs out under any sort of load. really have to manipulate the choke to make it run and even then its not quite right.....drained all the fuel and put fresh premium in, ran for 30 mins and no change. Its been in the heated garage so...
  13. maxwell

    Aftermarket Turbo sales on track for record sales

    well after spending 2 days on the skidoo turbo in blower handlebar deep powder there was sure a lot of Lips dragging on the ground from the Polaris and Cat folks. The struggle was real for them. If i was a betting guy id say they will sell alot of polaris and cat turbos this year. Even a couple...
  14. maxwell

    Booster Pump and Tank setup for shop

    im trying to figure out a cost effective water system for our new shop, it doesnt have a well, or city water access. i only need to wash a few vehicles, and have a sink for washing hands etc. i am thinking about getting a 1000-2000L tank and just having it fill with rainwater then using a...
  15. maxwell

    Looking for snow removal options next winter.

    Heres the scoop, whenever i arrive at my cabin to go snowmobiling there is always a foot or more of snow that has fallen week to week. I get there late, and am there only for a short time so i need to remove this snow fairly quickly and efficiently. I have about 400m of gravel roadway and a...
  16. maxwell

    Rob Kincaid

    Seeing some posts online that he has passed away in an avalanche. Hoping this isn’t true. Very respectable man
  17. maxwell

    Troublesome XM

    Not very often I can’t figure these things out myself but I’ve got a friends 2016XM that’s falling on its face at 7000rpm. The sled has 4500km on it. We have done the following - rebuilt top end ( compression was down and it was time ) did not resolve issue - changed injectors - changed...
  18. maxwell

    Gear ratio game changer

    Just about fell out of my chair LOL
  19. maxwell

    Honing Nakasil Cylinders

    typically when i rebuild skidoo engines they have damaged cylinders so this isnt an issue. However i took one apart for a friend and the cylinder is in perfect shape so we just want to freshen up the top end. Doing some research some guys are saying dont hone the Nakasil cylinders just clean...
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