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  1. RUDY

    Sportsman 850 wheel bearings replaced

    U could be right,I'll give them a shot of grease,I have a small clip showing the movement.I might just be worrying about nothing
  2. RUDY

    Sportsman 850 wheel bearings replaced

    Don't hear anything but had a guy look it over and figured it will probably need them...There is a little play,but I dunno if there is suppose to be any play at all...If gonna go bearings might do a-arm bushing at the same time...I just don't wanna drive it until I get a another guy to look at...
  3. RUDY

    Sportsman 850 wheel bearings replaced

    Thanks Neil....BTW does anyone know besides Polaris where a guy can get bearings from or am I just better to get Polaris ones?
  4. RUDY

    Sportsman 850 wheel bearings replaced

    Looking at a 850 XP and might need wheel bearings,looking for anyone that would be willing to do the job,will pay u to do the job,I'll supply the parts.If u wanna make some extra cash let me know,Thanks
  5. RUDY

    2012 / 2013 Valemount Conditions and Updates

    Rode Chappell today they got no snow,all tracked up...Rode Foam yesterday and snow was awesome,if u want I would recommend Salmon,Foam,Groundhog.....1st pic Foam,2nd Chappell....Was pretty cool saw a bunch of small kids ripping around the lake....One of them got stuck and 2 of his buddies were...
  6. RUDY

    Blue River Information Thread

    Turn at blueberry road about 1-2 miles before u get into blue on the right hand side...
  7. RUDY

    lets see your pro rmk/assault

    My 012 Assault with B&M boards,and vinyl wrap from Arctic FX,013 seat,sled had the white,red and grey...I fabbed up the stock bumper,powder coated red arms to black,spindle and rear bumper brackets white..Love the black and white look...
  8. RUDY

    Stock rails vs ice age,155 vs 163

    U are right that is the front,just uploaded it thinking was rear...this is what stock say and it set at..never touched it .. Suspension Set Up RTS Max 11" or Min 9 -3/8" Stock recommends 10- 1/4" With track off the ground.... So if I crank it up to like 10" I should get less lift is that correct?
  9. RUDY

    pro rmk 600 vs 800

    i hear that alot of guys say the 600 is a more reliable motor than then 800...i don't expect the 600 to out climb 800 in a point and shoot....Just wanna see what's everyone's take on the 600...Have heard guys say why get the 600 when it weights same as 800 with less HP.....I personally wouldn't...
  10. RUDY

    2012 600 RMK warm up issue

    i made one of those testers but never used have heard of the TPS having moisture in it,was told to add some dielectric grease...check see if cable is pinched some where.
  11. RUDY

    Sledding next weekend or on the weekend of the 15th??

    Family day is the 18th,called BW they were booked up in vale,GML and sandman last i heard in Blue is booked ...Good luck getting a place on short notice.
  12. RUDY

    Best price on CE 2.5?

    For $50 more I would support local for sure,will let u know Chris.
  13. RUDY

    Best price on CE 2.5?

    Was wondering what a new 163 CE 2.5 track would costs,and who has the best prices..Thanks
  14. RUDY

    Jaws Can for sale

    I have a jaws on mine and I love it...honestly not to loud when idling but when I crack it open she barks pretty good...
  15. RUDY

    f bomb track mod

    Thx for the pic,when cutting the red out and leaving the yellow on the outside lugs,what does the guy do for the center lugs?
  16. RUDY

    Stock rails vs ice age,155 vs 163

    I have it set up from factory still,I can't really loosen off any springs they all seem to be at the max..I guess I could increase the clicker from 6 to something higher... Here is the RTSS
  17. RUDY

    Long Lake area sledding Jan 26th

    Don't u have snow to push,piss
  18. RUDY

    Riding at the lake 4th addition !!!

    Anyone interested in hooking up and riding the pipeline and some of the trails off it?send me a pm if interested
  19. RUDY

    AV Gas in the Edmonton area. Where ?

    Called AFD today actually,112 race gas is $3.04/liter bring own jug..
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