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  1. Flygirl21

    Robson Valley Back Country Horsemen of BC First Annual Poker Ride

    Hi Boys and girls! I figured since I know a bunch of you are into horses I would let you know that the horse club I belong to (that is working on maintaining all of the back country and front country trails in the Robson Valley) is hosting a fun fundraiser, I would share the info! We are having...
  2. Flygirl21

    Lost Helmet and Gloves

    Hi Boys and Girls, I was up Lucille last night (Sunday) and found a left behind helmet and gloves, If these are yours give me a call on my cell phone, 250-569-7165, must be able to describe them. Thanks, Mellany
  3. Flygirl21

    Flygirl's Horse

    I was going through old pictures the other day and found the pic of the first time I met my horse. I just wanted to attach that picture with the picture of me riding on Sunday I can hardly believe how much my beautifual baby has filled out. I am so thankful to all of you hwo helped me get her...
  4. Flygirl21

    IMPORTANT UPDATE Trail Pass Fees

    I would just like everyone to know that thanks to all the wonderful donations recieved by the McBride Snowmobile Club they were able to reevaluate the cost of trail passes. It has been decided that effective Jan 6th 2011 all trail passes in McBride will be lowered to $20.00 per sled. There is...
  5. Flygirl21

    Happy holidays!

    I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukah or Happy Holidays to EVERYONE! Everyone rides the trails Free Christmas Day! We have snow in our forecast so I will be snow dancing all Christmas long!!! :beer:HERE IS TO A SAFE HOLIDAY SEASON!
  6. Flygirl21

    hi from flygirl!

    Hi boys I just wanted to say hi and put up some pictures of my beautiful horse quinn, I just took her in the parade, Hey Jude will be putting on some pictures of that, here are some pictures from yesterday, getting ready for todays parade. HUGE THANKS AGAIN! I love her so much!!!! Hugs, Fly
  7. Flygirl21

    Fly Girl's Horse!!!

    Hi Boys and Girls, I just wanted to share my exciting news!!!! I bought a horse!!! It actually wasn't the one I had originally planned on. My husband and I were at a ranch for our anniversary and I met Quinn, it was love at first sight and now she is mine!!! She is an 8 year old Belgian...
  8. Flygirl21

    Hi From Flygirl!

    Hello all, I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone who donated to my horse fund, I am over half way to my goal, I have been crazy busy working my butt off but it is all for a good cause I thought everyone might like to see some pictures of the horse I plan to buy, she just had a little...
  9. Flygirl21

    McBride Website

    Hi Boys, I just wanted to let everyone know that it is currently SNOWING!!!!:d:d:d:d I wanted to mention that I met a few people this weekend that had used McBride's website to judge the grooming schedule, this is not usually a good idea because that website is not updated nearly eneogh and is...
  10. Flygirl21

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    :pHi Everyone, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who donated towards my horse wish fund, you guys are amazing! I very much enjoyed getting to see everyone and meet so many new people. It was very cool to get to meet the Thunderstruck Team and get to talk to Jim, I am so impressed how...
  11. Flygirl21

    MM 2009 Meet and Greet

    Hey Guys, I wanted to let everyone know as per BBToys suggestion I will be at the meet and greet on Friday at the Gigglin Grizzly and I will be selling trail passes for Saturday's ride. The plan will be to have a special pass for saturdays ride so that if you have already purchased one from me...
  12. Flygirl21

    Hi from Flygirl21

    Hi boys, it was great to see everyone out this weekend, everyone was wonderful to talk to and everybody parked pretty nice. We have all 3 parking areas cleared out now at the Renshaw which means a lot less vehicles on the roads. I hope everyone enjoyed the amazing sunshine! It will be...
  13. Flygirl21

    Grooming Started

    Hi Boys, just wanted to let you all know that the grooming season has started, I am sure that Bb toys has already told you but just thought I would mention for any who was not aware yet. Trail pass sales started today. They are still 15 bucks for a day pass and 40 for a 3 day and kids 14 and...
  14. Flygirl21

    Current Conditions March-April

    Hi Boys, Just thought I would drop a note for everyone. Lucille was groomed Wednesday during the morning, Renshaw is getting groomed tonight, thursday for friday morning and I am not sure about Bell right now will let you know when I find out more. As is usual during this time of year it is...
  15. Flygirl21

    Mcbride Has Snow!!!

    Hi I am new to this website, I just wanted to let everyone know that we got over 2 feet of fresh powder in McBride, BC on the Renshaw, Lucille and Bell Mountain Trails and they are all in excellent condition!
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