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  1. 2010m8

    Stolen Dec 30

    Yesterday morning at approximately 4-4:30am are sled trailer was broken into and 1 out of 4 sleds stolen. I believe I scared them off before they could grab any more. Lot items stolen from the trailer along with my sled. 2012 M1100 turbo. Custom green grim reaper wrap. Green and black slydog...
  2. 2010m8

    1100 drive train issues

    Was out over the weekend and I found that anytime I put any more power than 3/4 throttle to it it felt like it would blow a belt. Shut it down, pull the side panel off and found that the belt was still in good condition. This happened a couple times but it doesn’t make any grinding noise like...
  3. 2010m8

    Hindle exhaust

    Is there anybody running this type of muffler on there m1100t? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 2010m8

    Ski stance

    Does any body run there skis at the 39" setting or is to narrow for the trails?
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