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    youtube has a new format?

    as a youtube addict, i opened youtube yesterday and there are 100 recommended channels, but no X for me to click to say no I dont want them in my whatever.Anyone smarter than me have a solution ? Thanks
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    Can you believe this is real?

    OMFG this is insane, please someone tell me this is some kind of bad joke....
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    SGI says I have to buy extra insurance to tow anything?

    As pr title I got into a nice little conversation with sgi when I went and renewed my truck plates.They say my truck and trailer combined weight can't exceed 5,000kg or I have to purchase EXTRA insurance."if i do not pay the rcmp or dot can weigh me and if i'm over the 5000kg the fines are very...
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    Any experienced 2nd gen cummins guy's here?

    As per title I have a 02 5.9 cummins giving me grief and am not sure what direction to go. Truck will start and idle and that's about it,push throttle 1/4" or to the board's it don't matter. Sometimes rpm's will slowly increase other times noda. I have p0220 (i think will have to double check...
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    Facial piercing's and exposed tat's and career future?

    I'm sure there's more than a few guy's and gal's on here in management position's just wondering what your view's might be on this topic. I went to tim's this AM and the only white girl in the whole place had blue hair, at least 6 piercings in her face and tat's covering half of her forearm. I...
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    1980 tx 440 primary help.

    As per title my uncle has a 1980 tx 440 free air that he is in the middle of doing a full engine build for. His primary is the closed basket type,and need's repair. Question, I have read several threads on vintage sled' regarding switching it over to a P-85, trouble seem's to be polaris...
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    Anyone have idea on installing a drain valve on rain barrel?

    As per title, my uncle has a plastic 45 G rain barrel he takes down to the lake to fill with water for garden,Im trying to come up with a way for him to drain it without tipping it over everytime. Idea 1 Would ABS glue bond a abs fitting to the plastic? I was thinking of drilling a 1 1/2"...
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    Red Cross party on parliament hill.....That's nice

    The cost of the Fort McMurray fire - CBC News | The National Ceo of Canada red cross at a celebration of red cross day along with a hundred of employee's (maybe some are volunteer's?) on the hill. Good thing the largest dissaster in modern canadian times isn't going on at the moment...
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    Gun Control ( S-223 )

    Gun Control ( S-223 ) and other gun control law's As per title I'm wondering with so many outdoorsy/farmer/rancher ect type guy's on here why this hasn't been brought up yet. These east coast city people I assume have no idea what goes on in the...
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    Expected life span of Hyfax on short track?

    I have an indy trail with a factory .8" X 121" track that I left at a family member's place for half of the winter. Hyfax had about 100 miles on them before my relatives put on about 250 more miles. From 1/3 of the way from the front of the rail's to the rear they are wore down within 1/16"...
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    Any poker player's on here?

    Just wondering if any of you guy's play poker on line. I've just been playing the play money tables on 888 poker for quite awhile. I made it to the final 7 of a 80 ish man tournie last night and lost to a .3% hand it was pretty sick. I was 99.7% to win and lost. New meaning to win some lose...
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    Mayor won't remove pork from school menu.(you know where this is going)

    I copy and pasted this from FB. I hope it work's CANADA...............QUEBEC MAYOR REFUSES TO REMOVE PORK FROM SCHOOL CANTEEN- MENU... EXPLAINS WHY Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork in all the school canteens of a Montreal suburb. The mayor of the Montreal suburb of Dorval,has...
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    Mixing antifreeze color's?

    So the water pump blew in my old cummin's ,I got it changed tonight but purple is the only antifreeze i could find.I added it to the green that was already in my system.There is no info on bottle as to weather it can be mixed with other color's so, should i not be too worried about it? If there...
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    Need help with window's 8

    As per title, i just bought a new pc with window's 8.I need help making thing's bigger.( kijjiji add's ect are Way too small) I went into control panel and changed font size to large,but that didn't change anything . Help please,I don't know FA about window's 8
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    Minimum job standard's,how low would you go?

    So, I recently went for a job interview at a plant that has been running for many year's and there is approx 30 people that work there full time.There is no running water (so,no flushing toilet of course),coffee room/office is a 20-30 year old portable atco trailer with a falling down ceiling...
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    Vinyl siding install prices?

    As per title I was just wondering if any of you knew what an average price would be to get vinyl siding installed? Thank's for any reply's.
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    Math wizard's part 2

    An interesting way to look at math. A long time ago 3 guy's were on a cross country trip,they stopped at a motel and asked how much for a room for the night.Desk clerk said $30,the guy's all pulled $10 out of each of their pocket's and paid.Sometime later the desk clerk was looking at the...
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    People who ask why..........ARG

    I haven't posted in awhile,so I thought I would post a rant Several people in my life are especially bad for this when I ask a question or I am asking for something.The response I get is WHY.......... WTF makes someone do that? My mother and sister almost 100% of the time do it. Drives me...
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    Any enclosed trailer dealer's on here?

    As per title I am looking for several enclosed trailer dealers to possibly help with an insurance problem. Buddy had his 2 year old enclosed stolen afew months ago and as per usual adjusted is not being very reasonable. Need "what it's worth now" prices from whoever possible. Thank's for anyone...
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    RCMP incident .Thoughts?

    All I know is what was on the radio.More info is needed to make an opinion, but what are your thoughts as to right or wrong? Last night or early this morning 2 truck's were seen leaving a reported B&E A spike belt was used on 1 truck,(I don't know if the truck went over it or around it) Then an...
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