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    Cross Country Vehicle Shipping??

    Anyone do it or have a line on someone that does? Might need a vehicle shipped from Ontario to Calgary?
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    Did anyone watch the race yesterday or see some of the highlights? I still can't wrap my head around how Grosjean was able to walk away from that. I've read that the impact was 53gs and he was in the fire for 27 seconds. 4 or 5 years ago I'd say there would have been nothing left of him.
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    2011 rails on a 2013?

    Do the rails off a 2011 M1000 fit a 2013? Have a set for sale but buddy doesn't know if they will fit his 2013 and I can't find the answer online. Thanks
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    Inreach Trade

    I have a barely used Inreach Explorer+ that I would love to trade for a Mini. I bought the Explorer because I wanted something that I could use by itself without having a cell phone and for the larger battery but, I only do short day trips riding and sledding so it is overkill. The Explorer+...
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    Cancelling cable and streaming TV

    I light of recent events, I am looking at cancelling my cable and do more streaming. I stopped watching CBC around the Omar Khadr interview and now it looks like Rogers/Sportsnet is the next on the list...but I still want to watch my Oilers. What do you use to steam shows, live TV and sports...
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    20" Rigid Lightbar mount

    Anyone mount one in the front of their f350? Need some ideas before I start drilling holes
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    Anyone driving from Calgary... the sled show, the highways are very icy. 6 accidents so far and not even to red deer yet. 2 of them major rollovers. Drive safe Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk 2
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    Looking for a mechanic in Fort McMurray or Edmonton or anywhere in between

    Looking for someone who takes pride in their work. I just need help with a few things. Main thing being I need to take the 8" lift out of my truck and throw it in the garbage. I can semi do most of the work myself but I don't have a garage anymore so, I am willing to pay someone to do it for me...
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    Pro's and Cons of moving to Golden

    Been there a few times. Like the smallish town feel and the fact that there is a ski hill there to living the town up a bit. My company would fly me to either calgary or edmonton so Calgary -> Golden isn't that far of a drive. I would still be able to ride in Golden and then I could always...
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    Mechanical Boost Gauge with Recall

    Anyone know of any. I have to go double check but I believe it would be 2-1/16 or 52mm. Have a hard time watching the boost gauge when I am doing a good pull
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    Questions about TM8

    New to the turbo world and new to the 2stroke world as well. Picking up my Twisted M8 friday and I need guidence. I know I need to fine tune the tuning...what am I watching for? What should my A/F be at idle/WOT etc. Fuel pressure? I am thinking about 8lbs so what would be a good fuel...
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    M8T videos

    Let's see what you got. Currently waiting for my sled to be finished up and I have watched almost every M8 video on youtube that I can find
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    New Sled Questions

    Just purchased a 2010 M8 SP LE and its the first two stroke I have ever owned. What kind of things should I watch for, listen for, look for etc... I know my 4 strokes pretty good and can usually tell by different sounds when/what is wrong or by how the engine responds. Any tips for 2 strokes?
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    com·pla·cen·cy    /kəmˈpleɪsənsi/ Show Spelled[kuhm-pley-suhn-see] Show IPA –noun, plural -cies. 1.a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc...
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    SLP Performance Package below 4000'???

    Anyone use their M8 with the SLP performance package (4000' and up) at 1000' feet or so? The parents are up from NB and want to go for a quick little trail ride (I hate trail riding) but I have never used the M8 at low elevation and was told that if I do, to use a lot of race fuel. Any help...
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    Race Fuel

    Bit of a dilema...I am having trouble tracking down race fuel for the new sled here in Fort McMurray. The sled shop that usually sells it is closed for a while. Is av fuel at the airport usable or no?
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    Spark Plug Colours

    So I'm buying my first 2 stroke and I see a lot of posts about doing plug checks, what do the different colours mean? Which colour is lean, rich, etc Thanks
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    So...I hit a tree

    Discuss...hahah Just playing around in the "safe" areas in Groundhog (Blue River) and did a little climb. Just as I was coming down i blipped the throttle a little to clear a trench/rough area and it sent me wide haha. Being wind swept and hardish packed i couldnt yank the ole pig over on her...
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    Need Help ASAP

    Down in blue river riding/trying to ride in 3-4' of fresh and this sled doesn't like it at all. If I stay in someone elses track I'm fine, as soon as I get in any powder my belt slips like crazy and brings mr to a stop. I've went through 2 belts today (only about 40kms of riding) and I can't...
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    Survival Kits??

    I have a few things in my bag in case stuff goes south. Lighter, flint, matches, couple knives, first aid kit etc. What do you guys take with you when you hit the mountains for that "just in case" situation
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