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    chain adjustments

    hey guys I have a 98 scambler and I need to tighten my front chain but when I do it will losen the mid chain. Anyone hav any ideas or is there another way to tighten the front chain? Any ideas? Thanks guys
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    What is the best cluch??

    Who makes the best cluch fom a scrambler 400 2stroke, im putting on 26's on it and play alot in the mud but also want somthing thats still decent on the trails? Any ideas or should i do a low ranger gear box and do a slightly modified cluch with that set up? What do yall think?
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    Tire size question

    My question is on a scrambler do you need to have the front tires 1 inch taller or can you have all 4 at the same size? Just a basic question that i cant really get any real information on.Thanks guys.Mike
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    Can-am renagade

    Anyone have one and if so how do you like it? I have seen a couple on you tube and they are really impressive. Any info or help would be great.Thanks again guys
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    teeth count

    Anyone know how many teeth the stock 98 scrambler front/ rear drive would have. "Its the one that drives the rear wheels" i cant remeber how many it has and i wanna say 12 but does that sound right?Mike
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    27's on a scrambler

    will they fit and what modifications do i need to make to fit them. They are 27-12-10 swamp foxes.Thanks guys.Mike
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    Hello from maryland

    Hello i just wanted to stop by and say hello. I have a 98 scrambler with 27inch tall swamp foxes on it and like to play in the mud.Other than that i am a porsche represenative and love to play on or off the road.... Thanks guys and nice to meet yall.
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