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  1. Crustyolddude

    Neck Brace

    For those considering a neck brace. Aka motocross style neck brace. Here is a good report.
  2. Crustyolddude

    Alberta Canada vs Alberta USA

    Goddard report discusses with Peter downing regarding Alberta separation. Stay, leave, Join America, or separate entity. Discusses Ottawa, Trudeau cancel Alaska/Alberta railroad. Good 50 minute podcast, if you have time. PB43
  3. Crustyolddude

    Storey Teller Required

    Are you good at stories? I am sure S/M have a few good storey tellers. Well the government of Canada 🇨🇦 is looking for you. Job posting ends October 8. Starting wage $89,000.00. Tell Trudeau a few good stories. Good luck...
  4. Crustyolddude

    Parksville says No to Covid-19 Restriction

    This voted on yesterday on Vancouver Island. “ As of today, anyone who tries to impose COVID regulations on the people of these communities can face fines and imprisonments by OCLA and its Common Law Court”...
  5. Crustyolddude

    My First CAT 🐱

    Been a Yamaha, Polaris guy. Had opportunity to p/up low km M1000. Looks clean. Seems little beefier than my Polaris RMK. Waiting for Snow......Yahoo........
  6. Crustyolddude

    RMK 800 (03) Setup

    Looking for some help on MTN sled set up. I am new to Mtn sledding (previously trail Sledder), want to set this older sled to a more upright position (standing attack position). Picked up 6” riser, will give this a go, also thinking of changing the seat to sit higher. The sled has plenty power...
  7. Crustyolddude

    Thank You ZACSTRACS

    Thank you to ZACSTRACS for the first class service provided in your AST1 class/ field course in Valemount (Clemina Creek). There were six of us in the Field course held at Clemina Creek. Mac Cochrane is the field instructor, and provided us with excellent instructions on utilizing our tools...
  8. Crustyolddude

    Earthquake Tracker

    Don't know how many on this forum, track seismic activity. The Pacific is becoming more interesting. Vancouver Island lot of slippage along plates lately. Similar to Japan in 2011 prior to their 9.0 earthquake. Good feed on YouTube. He kind of Quirky, but interesting. cheers CrustyOldDude...
  9. Crustyolddude

    Lil Crusty

    Good day to all members. Been on this forum, for a while. However never formally introduced. :beer: Following, sledding, Atv forums. Have a couple old steeds. Try some mtn riding this year. cheers COD
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