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    Overly Agressive Peace Officers

    This is a hypothetical situation, but I am wondering what you would or could do under these circumstances. I purchase a new snowmobile, and am trailering it home. I get a flat tire on the trailer on highway 14, southeast of Sherwood Park. So to make things easier, I take the snowmobile off of...
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    Riding areas-North America Overview

    I have been snowmobiling for quite a few years, but it has been some time that I posted some comments. Here are some general comments that I like to make. For my background, I have snowmobiled in 8 of the 10 Canadian provinces (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are the exceptions), and 12...
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    Winter ATV Riding

    As it turns out, I have no interest in ATV riding (I do ride off-road motorcycles), but there is some interest in locating places where you could ride an ATV in the winter. I know of only one place in Alberta where you might be able to get away with this, and that is the Redwater Recreational...
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    Snowmobiling in Ontario

    Even though I now live in Alberta, I still have family in Ontario, and go back there each year at Christmas time. The past two years, I got lucky with snow in southern Ontario. I was able to ride trails in the Brantford area, which can be very much hit or miss. When there is snow, the trails...
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    Info on closures...where is it coming from...Whos behind it....Links and info....Page

    Also take a look at the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs. The idea of a general, province wide trail permit works well, and with the strength of that organization, they have the ear of the provincial government. AND look at the Quebec Federations. Look at the Federation de Motoneige de...
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    Wow. This winter sucks at home here.

    I took the sled to southern Ontario over Christmas-and the riding was good there. I did a bit of riding near the Battlefords just before New Years, but it is not good now.
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    Places to sled around whitefish/kalispel

    I know there are snowmobile trails, with a staging area a bit north of Whitefish. I have never ridden these trails, though. I do know there are trails out of Seely Lake, and given suitable conditions, you can ride right through town. I do not know about snow conditions, though. Be sure to get...
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    Beartooth Pass

    I happened to be driving through Beartooth Pass, and noticed a bit of snow at the top of the pass. Also saw a couple of snowmobiles there. I got my sled out, and did a bit of riding there. Not usual to snowmobile in early June, and the first time for me, but it was done. I enclosed a picture as...
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    Westlock Trail Conditions

    I was up on the Westlock trail system last Saturday. The trails were in poor condition, with several bare spots. No grooming has been done. The snow conditions got better as one headed further north. The trails were rideable, but not great. I very much doubt that there will be a rally this...
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    Whitecourt conditions

    I was up there last Friday-December 4. There was enough snow to ride on, though more could be used. No grooming. I did put on 50 km that day, and would recommend this area-fair early season conditions.
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    Laws regarding snowmobiles in Alberta

    Maybe at the next election, we can vote these tree huggers out of office. Fortunately, I live in Lamont county-where common sense prevails.
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    New Years 2015 - Eureka Montana- sled Areas?

    I have crossed that border point a few times, even going so far as to bring sleds that I have purchased in the USA back to Canada. Of course, when I do that, I have to park, come inside, and do the paperwork-and pay a small amount (GST) in order to bring the sleds into Canada. Never a problem...
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    No support from a dealership

    I started one thread about Argyll. Here is another. I had purchase a NEW TW200 from Argyll, and had to do a Out of Province inspection because the NVIS was voided. I also had to pay for repairs on the new motorcycle because it failed the inspection. Now, the motorcycle is back at the dealership...
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    I love Alberta-Updated

    I would love to do so, but it does have some value-as a source of spare parts.
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    I love Alberta-Updated

    Previous messages in this train included scanned copies of the voided NVIS and failed inspection report.
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    I love Alberta-Updated

    Yes, I think that Argyll does need a wake-up call. The motorcycle has a total of 560 km on it, and the CDI had been replaced FOUR times, and it has failed again. I did send a message to Yamaha Canada, but did not get a reply. I have cancelled insurance on this motorcycle-and had to pay $183 to...
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    I love Alberta-Updated

    I did go back to Argyll on Saturday. I will be getting a new motorcycle for $1500. They recognize that there was a problem, but this is the best solution that they can offer. I am wiling to live with this. At least the problem child will be gone.
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    I love Alberta-Updated

    Here is a bit of an update regarding this fiasco. The motorcycle is currently registered in Alberta. I have had it in to Argyll FOUR times due to the motorcycle not running. Each time, the CDI unit had to be replaced. This motorcycle has not even reached the mileage for the first service at 750...
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    Westlock Trail Conditions

    I was out on the trails north of Westlock yesterday. I did the west loop. The trails were in fair condition, however, there were numerous bare spots. I would not travel any great distance to ride these trails, but they were quite rideable.
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    Edson Snow Conditions

    I rode Edson last Saturday at the poker rally. It was bitterly cold, but trail conditions were fantastic. Should be good south of Edson this weekend-as long as it does not get too warm.
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