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    youtube has a new format?

    as a youtube addict, i opened youtube yesterday and there are 100 recommended channels, but no X for me to click to say no I dont want them in my whatever.Anyone smarter than me have a solution ? Thanks
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    Tudeau's "employee discount tax".

    When the government tabled a bill to take the penny out of production to save the country a million a year or whatever the figure was,you know we are scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as IQ's go.It's not a hard stretch to figure out things are going to go downhill from there.(and fast)...
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    Edmonton terrorist attack

    Not to intentionally derail the thread or anything but on the radio they said the officer was stabbed in the head and face and released from hospital several hours after being admitted?
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    Can you believe this putz !!

    Pipelines from the west going east should have been done 40 or 50 years ago, any moron that understands basic math would agree.The east coast importing oil from oversee's and gasoline from the USA is way beyond stupid.Energy east would help hundreds if not thousands of company's,but Quebec...
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    New Liberal Small Business Tax

    Years and years ago I worked at a plant on the north end of edmonton,in the coffee shack there was a poster with tax rates on it. The more hours you work the higher the percentage of tax you pay.anything over 120 hrs in a 2 week period was almost ALL taken away by tax. What a garbage system,they...
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    North Korea

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    Purchasing a 4K TV...suggestions?

    Is John still around or did one of his son's take over? I think he had afew kid's but dont know for sure.
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    VW engineer gets prison, $200K fine in diesel scandal

    As others have said engineer's and pee on's are just doing what a board of directors told them to do.I would say there is prob. a 99% chance that is the truth.
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    Sea Foam

    Will sea foam dissolve/loosen varnish/wax in fuel bolw's,jets ect? I'm trying to fire up my bike for its semi anual 15 minutes of run time and the only way it will run is with 1/2 to full choke, even with idle screw turned in as far as it will go,it will not run without choke.I assume idle jets...
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    Lloydminster, what is it like?

    That was the Wayside Inn.They closed the bar when Best western (I think) bought the hotel.
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    Lloydminster, what is it like?

    Quite afew bike paths on alberta side going to bud miller park, good wide walking/bike path also following 36st from ab/sk border going west,then you can head south towards bud or north towards hyw 17.
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    How not to pass a semi

    Paying attention to whats going on around you is how to avoid F ups like this. The guy in the blue car knew the semi was slowing down,if he bothered to be alert and pay attention. "why is that semi slowing down? Answer-"there must be something going on infront of him......What if there was a...
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    Future of Guns

    LOL only the USA would spend billions of dollar's for a possible solution to a problem that has NEVER existed...............SMRT.
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    Weather Advisory Thread

    Lots of posts showing up on FB from Red Deer,Lloyd is just starting to get some plow winds now.
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    What did you doo to your lawn mower today?

    3.5" - 5" of rain might though. like in Lloyd. We've got it pretty good in the last 24 hours
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    Missing from Saskatoon

    I think That is my old best friend's nephew.I'll have to check FB.
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    Kijiji Weeetards

    I couldn't remember the thread I was looking for about Kijiji gripes, so I'll post on this I know we all get used to getting alot of services like kijiji for free, but doesn't it burn anyone elses ballz when stuff is in the wrong section?Mostly it's stores that do it on purpose to get...
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    Can you believe this is real?

    If he never gave them 24 hours notice,the article would have directly said that and it did not.If the land lord would have interupted their player time the article also would have directly said those words.Again it did not.(prayer time is not a law ) The landlord was fined by a CANADIAN agency...
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    Can you believe this is real?

    So, if I understand what was said in the article, 24 hours notice was given by the landlord to the tenants before he brought people over to view the rental space,what he didnt do is give them the one extra hour they asked for. 24 isnt enough, they had to have 25. Am I wrong That article also...
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    Can you believe this is real?

    I personally dont give a crap about what religion anyone is,there are good and bad people of all colors and in all religions.We all need to play by one set of rules PERIOD.I cant believe more and more laws and special rights are being proposed constantly.This country as well as many others are...
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