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  1. Rene G

    Enter to win a Semi Auto Shotgun

    Check out this link if you want to win a new shotgun! FREE Gun Giveaway Contest | GUNPOST
  2. Rene G

    Win an Pellet Gun! is giving away a pellet gun, enter here!
  3. Rene G

    Buy and sell Sites for firearms

    Hey all, I’m looking for some feedback about buy and sell sites for firearms. My oldest wants to go hunting this year, so now I have a reason to buy a new rifle. I’m not looking to break the bank, and as such would like to get a used rifle. A quick google search found a bunch of sites and I...
  4. Rene G

    100km Walk for Kidney Foundation

    Hey guys, my wife committed to doing something crazy this year, she’s going to do a 100km walk over the course of three days in Kaninaskis Country. She has a minimum fundraising goal of $2200.00. If you’re able to donate even a couple dollars it would be very appreciated...
  5. Rene G

    RV Rental

    Has anyone here rented out their RV? My wife found RVezy and is pretty adamant about trying it. We’ve also had some private interest from people and wondered if any one has rented privately? Is there a company that’ll insure for a weekend or week at a time? Any advice is appreciated.
  6. Rene G

    Blue River SnowPants

    Is there anyone in or around Blue River that has an extra pair of SnowPants my buddy can borrow?
  7. Rene G

    Tunnel Braces

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some advice on tunnel bracing after discovering some damage with no impact or reason for there to be any damage. The sled is a 2015 Pro RMK with just under 500mi on it. What does everyone recommend as far as bracing and who makes the braces? Thanks in advance...
  8. Rene G

    Looking for a new Pro RMK, any dealers have 2015 or 2014's left?

    Are there any vendors here that have 2015 or 2014 holdover Pros for sale? I'm in Grande Prairie but am able to travel if the right deal is there to be made. Please PM me if you can help me out. I'm looking to purchase this weekend.
  9. Rene G

    New Vent Racing cage for RZR S!!

    I just took delivery of a 2+2 cage from vent racing for my 2011 RZR S LE. I've taken off the stock cage already and am going to be putting the new one on tomorrow and will post pics then :d I almost forgot the stock cage is for sale, its the same cage as a 2010 and older standard RZR. Rene
  10. Rene G

    2011 RZR-S cage question?

    I bought a 2011 RZR-S and want to put a rear seat and cage on it. I was wondering if the cage is the same as previous years non S models?? Thanks, Rene
  11. Rene G

    Stolen truck and Rzr-s from Grande Prairie AB.

    If anyone in the Grande Prairie area sees a black Ford crew cab long box with a sled deck, license plate RVA-245 please call the RCMP. Could have a 2009 Rzr-s on the deck. Was stolen last night from my driveway.
  12. Rene G

    Used rzr s prices???

    I have a buddie that is selling his 09 rzr s, maybe to me and I was wondering what you guys think it'd be worth. I has around 300 miles(could be kms) and is in really good shape. Thanks, Rene
  13. Rene G

    Rzr, Rhino or Teryx, what to get?

    I'm looking into getting a side-by-side and can't decide what to go with. I have 2 kids under 4yrs old and am going to need something that i'll be able to put a rear bench into. Also I need to be able to haul it on my sled deck so I'll be able to take it camping. The last of my needs and most...
  14. Rene G

    Hello, new to the site

    Just wanted to say hi and thanks for having me Rene G
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