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  1. wildf

    1st Grassland mud bogs

    Was a great first attempt at quad and side by side mud bogs , a great event that can only grow from here .Great event put on by great people;););)
  2. wildf


    Anchor Inn Resort is on the west end and they allow quadding from campsite if you camp at the resort , and yes if you camp at the provincial park you have to trailer out of park.
  3. wildf


    Anchor inn resort just north of smith is great , anything you want in quadding , if you look in my pics you can see some of the trail riding we do.
  4. wildf

    Winter camping

    We have a seasonal lot at lake and use it year round , and owner keeps the snow plowed for the most part , just have to shovel out trailer area . :)
  5. wildf

    Camping and dirt bike

    Will be riding around Fawcett Lake as well this weekend , group of rzr's, probably Paul lake or Howard lake areas .
  6. wildf

    Quadding and Boating 3 hours from edmonton

    Yes we are at Anchor Inn Resort , and know the owner quite well , and have told her that if there is anyone inquiring about quadding we would be more than willing to show them the area. Can make as long a day as you would like and conditions from easy to hard whatever you would prefer .
  7. wildf

    Quadding and Boating 3 hours from edmonton

    That is a great area for quading , lots of trails , that is where we have a seasonal lot . If you are planning on fishing walleye ( and eating ) they have gone to a tag system so you have to put in for a draw to be able to keep walleye . If you would like a guided tour of the area when you are...
  8. wildf

    Peace River trail

    Have a seasonal lot at Fawcett Lake and last year a group of us with rzr's and quads made a trip from the lake to the north end of the peace river trail down to tomato creek on the trail was an great day put on 80 miles and the north end has some good mud holes .Great trail and thanks to all the...
  9. wildf

    Quadding and Boating 3 hours from edmonton

    Just put up a few pics from Fawcett Lake last summer ( on my profile ) , bought a RZR in August and put over 500 miles and never saw the same trail . There is no power on the west end but if you can get access to a generator it is well worth it . Can show you some great riding out there if we...
  10. wildf

    CC Cycle

    I have dealt with cc cycle since 1998 when I bought my first cat ( which led to many more) and have had nothing but excellent help any time I had a problem they bent over backwards to help, they will be missed by many . Best to Jim and Claudette in there new adventure . A wealth of knowledge...
  11. wildf

    Great Day at the Grand Rapids

    Had a great sledding trip into the Grand Rapids on the Athabasca river . What was supposed to be a short 20 mile run turned into a 75 mile ride (oops) as it was the wifes first ride this year. Good friends & great weather +8 made for a great day.
  12. wildf

    Athabasca area snow depth???

    Better bring a quad
  13. wildf

    Athabasca Rally

    Yes the poker rally is still a go in Athabasca, our groomer guy has been over the trail and it should be a great ride 2 runs, a short run or a longer run that will take in our latest trail to be added to our trail system. Always a great scenic ride with LOTS of door prizes,so great chance of...
  14. wildf

    Looking to go for a ride on Sun feb 14

    Athabasca poker rally on the 14th good ride.
  15. wildf


    Club meeting is the second wednesday of the month at the club house just west of town .
  16. wildf


    There is an open house, membership drive, wiener roast at the club house just west of town today if you want to stop by and say hi. There is supposed to be a ride possible going on today from the clubhouse,not sure if it is still going on or not but can pick up your trail pass today and meet...
  17. wildf

    Made the Old Mountain Cat a bit better...

    I've also got a 5" riser for my boys 01 800 mountain cat, when I took the cover off the handlebars found a 2" riser already in from factory. So bought throttle extention and brake extention only to find out that the brake line would not fit into the resevoir on handle bars, so put it back stock...
  18. wildf

    When is the Athabasca Poker Rally??

    Feb. 15th Registration 9-12. 30-40 mile short run and 70-80 miles long run. All Groomed trails .
  19. wildf

    Shreddercam video!

    What brand of camera did you use to take that video??
  20. wildf

    Poker Rally Feb 16 - 17, 2008

    Trail was groomed begining of week so there is about 6" of fresh snow on table top 100+mile trail on Sat.that stands up very well because we don't get the huge number of sleds most poker rallys get and a 60 mile ride on Sunday.So come and enjoy a great rally that you won't be disappointed,lots...
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