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    04 Allison transmission upgrades

    I have a 2004 duramax 2500 lb7. Have slipped the transmission towing now 4 times in OD. Edge Evolution CS on level 2 (towing mode). Not sure if it was the converter or the OD gear that slipped.. but it put the truck into limp mode. Anyone recomend a decent place to around Calgary to talk to...
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    Garmin External Mic/Speaker

    Does anyone know where to get an external mic/speaker for a rino so I don't have to keep taking it out of my pack to talk?
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    Garage Heaters

    Anyone know a good spot to pick up a used radiant tube heater? looking for something used or salvaged from a shop/building reno for cheap. Or a place with good prices on overhead garage furnaces? In Calgary. Thanks.
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    Duramax LB7 injectors - Calgary

    anyone know where I could get the balance rates checked on my lb7 injectors in Calgary.. dealer wanted 4 hours labour!! thanks.
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    ETEC clutch vibration

    recently bought a 2011 freeride. Has more of a vibration at idle than my 08. Swaped clutches today and the vibration was less. I pulled the vibrating clutch apart and can't see anything wrong with it.. all 3 set screws are still in there. If I increased the rpms off idle the vibration would...
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    ETEC oil leaking

    Any idea why my 2011 etec is leaking oil/gas from the overflow by the left front shock? When I removed the gas cap there was some trapped pressure there likley from the warmer weather.. is it possible this could cause the overflow? Find it strange there is oil in the mixture.
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    Is Quartz still open? If so how are the conditions and are people still staging at the parking lot?
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    Pteck can on an ETEC?

    any way I can retrofit my old can from my 08 800r xp to my 2011 800 etec? I love the sound of this can, but there is zero info on it. (sled was bought used). Anyone drill and tap a hole for the temp probe?
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    08 800r - No compression

    sled failed me finally on the weekend. Started running funny then just quit in a bad spot. Got it running again by pouring gas into the cylinders but it was only running on one. Got it out of the valley on one cylinder, and towed to the truck. Checked compression tonight, 130psi on passenger...
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    Duramax Batteries

    Just had my truck (2004 duramax LB7) in the shop for a no start while cold. They let it sit for 5 hours at -20degC then started the truck no problem, not plugged in. charged me an hour's dianostic time (140 dollars) and found the batteries failed. L was 12.31volts, 503 cold cranking amps, R was...
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    Duramax Vibration

    Have a 2004 duramax 2500 4x4 crew cab. Recently bought the truck and have noticed a vibration from the drivetrain between 100 and 120 km/h. Truck runs perfect at any other speed. It has a 2" lift, with 33" tires which are not too agressive. Interesting thing is the vibration only happens...
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    Adesa Auction

    does anyone have access to adesa auction's run lists and market reports?
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    Garmin Rino 530hcx issue

    Just got my new Garmin 530.. it seems to have an issue with the compass however, if it is not perfectly level the compass will change direction and it thinks north is actually south. How well is this going to work on a sled mount for tracking when the sled is anything but level? Is mine broke or...
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    2006 Dodge Cummins horn issue

    I am looking at a used 2006 Dodge 2500 5.9L with 138000kms from an auction. I looked it over and it has a coolant leak from a hose which should be an easy fix, front u joints have some play in them so I assume they will need to be replaced, but the largest concern I have with the truck is that...
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    Track change

    Can anyone give advice on changing a track? mine had a bad run in with the scratchers last season and broke off a lot of the outer paddles. Its a 2008 xp 163". Any pics or procedure would be much appreciated. Also, I've found a few good used stock tracks for ~300-600 dollars, is there a better...
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    XP rear sag brackets - installation?

    I bought a set of these aluminum brackets from West Country.. anyone know how to install these? Came with no instructions!
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    overnight huts

    A few of us would like to take our girlfriends out sled skiing to introduce them to sledding. Anyone know of any good backcountry huts that could be rented for the weekend to use as a base to do some camping, sledding and boarding? We'd like to head out for a night or two. Something accessable...
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    Will a 2008 Summit X 163 fit in the back of a 2002 Dodge Ex Cab short box?

    Planning on buying a 2002 Dodge 1500 4 door short box. Wondering if anyone has any experence fitting this or a similiar sled in the bed of that truck. Thanks! Live downtown so have to keep to a small lower truck.
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    Anyone do any backcountry boarding with their sleds or know of good areas? Calgary based so mainly looking at Golden or Fernie area with the odd weekend in Revy. New to sledding, bought it mainly to get to great snowboarding. Thanks for any info
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    Which Truck?

    I will be buying a 2008 Skidoo Summit X with a 163 track and need advice on which truck will be best for hauling it. I will be living downtown in a condo in calgary soon so size is important. I am idealy looking for a 1/2 extended cab or 4 door truck, dodge or ford or chev. I can't have a...
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