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    Septic Systems

    Think my field might be pooched, not draining like it should. Tank is concrete and should be replaced. What's the ball park cost for a new systems these days? Any way to clean older fields or is it dig up and replace?
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    Who makes a good travel cover?

    Have a little 17.5' Lund that needs a new travel/storage cover. Phoned a few places in Cowtown, prices are all over the map, from 900 bucks to starting at 2K. Recommend anyone in the RD area?
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    Cheap O/B parts?

    Need a new spark box for a little outboard. Any reasonable priced sites you have found? Local dealer is 260 for aftermarket, Amazon is 180...OEM is half the price of a new car..... Mercury O/B if it matters.
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    More government stupid:

    Seems any one handed opening knife is under the gun, possibly your worn out old timer that can be opened with a flick of the wrist.
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    Dr.s don't like guns? MSM and Docs going after more guns control. Wonder how many people die from medical mistakes a year?
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    Camp rotation?

    Might have a chance to get off the road and work a 7/7 rotation. Any one else work a similar rotation? Pros/cons?
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    Trailer roof repair?

    Anyone replaced the roof on their TT? I've got some soft wood under from some punctures, need to change the wood under as well as insulation etc.
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    Cylinder head work, where?

    I need some guides changed, reamed and seats touched. Who does good work without having to take out a loan? Yammy 5 valve head.
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    Yamaha parts WTB

    Where to buy Yamaha parts? Anyone have a dealer that doesn't sell above list or even better at a discount? Even with the crap dollar it's still tempting to order from the south but I'd rather buy in Canada.
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    Home siding options?

    Looking at siding my house, got a quote for 40K to do Hardie, any other options out there that are good and maybe a little more wallet friendly?
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    ? for the residential construction guys

    Looking at doing a house addition. What is the normal cost sq/ft? Is it based on square foot per floor? For example if I build a 500 square foot addition that's two stories, is it priced at 1000 square feet? Any good construction guys RD south?
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    Hot Tubs

    Thinking about a hot tub. What brands are good and won't suck the power meter inside out when it's -30? Seems like there is 50 different brands, new used etc. Don't know squat about hot tubs other than I like sitting in them.
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    Q for the truckers.

    Having to now deal with the hours of service rules since our trucks are over 4500, is there an electronic log book that works? The paper versions are a PIA.
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    Thieves, FFS on Christmas Day.

    Welding truck gone early this AM from Innisfail. 2003 Ford F350 C/C 8 inch lift, 37 Nitto Mud Grapplers welding skid in back with Miller Trailblazer 325 welder Plate is AB BHS-1416
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    F-350 Front end work.

    Friend of mine from up north (Edmonton) needs some TLS on his F-350 front end, probably axle shaft u-joints etc. Where is a good place other than a dealer in Edmonton you guys have dealt with?
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    Vac Truck?

    Any money in the Vac truck business? What are normal charge out rates? How much does an operator normally make?
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    Anyone on here work in Oman?

    Had an opportunity to work in Oman present it self. This would be the full expat. deal where I move the wife/kids etc. Part of me is interested, other part says no fawking chance.
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    Living in or around DV??

    Found a spot NE of Drayton I kind of like and way cheaper than anything I can find in the Olds, Sundre area. My question is how is living in the DV area? I've spent a bit of time at a hotel there working but never really spent much time in and around town. Looks like there is pools, libraries...
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    Good write up here: It's absurd that something that can protect the hearing of millions of Canadians is illegal.
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    Big Azz car show

    Went to the car show in Geneva last weekend, never saw so many Euro trash cars I didn't know existed. A few cool things, KTM roadster, VW pickup. I was mostly drawn to some of the racers from years ago.
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