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    Track swap 121 to 136

    I am going to extend the wifes track from 121 to136, who makes the best rail extentions or am I better off to get 136 rails?? Does anyone have a set for a SC4 suspention?? This is on a 2008 MXZX 550 fan any help would be appriciated. Trailrider:skidoo:
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    WTB Salmon and Halibut Gear

    :fish2: We have decided to do our own west coast fishing trip this year. So I am looking for a couple rod+ reel combos age does not matter as long as they are in good working order, also looking for large net, gaff , asst. tackle. Thanks for looking Trailrider
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    2011 Etec running on one cyl

    I went out tonight to load my new etec into the trailer so I could take it home (working in saskatoon) and it will not stay running and when it does run it sounds like only fireing on one lung . Had to pull it into the trailer good thing the new trailer is a low boy. I played with the DESS and...
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    Thanks to Vegerville S&M Member

    My son that works at Extra foods in Veg. had a note put on his truck letting him know of a Tranny leak. Just wanted to say thanks (to the fellow S&M member) the leak is fixed and the truck is back on the road. Thanks from Trailrider JR.
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    09 m1000

    :vancouver:Just bought a 09 M1000 from T&T just wandering where to start with the extras. Already bought a shorty seat and ajustable riser and cable extentions.:d:d:d:d:d Any help appreciated Jann
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    05 RT Fuel problem

    I have an 05 MachZ, it will not rev passed 4000rpm with out playing with the throttle, when it does go passed 4000rpm it blows the 10amp fuse. I have been reading every thing i can on here and talked to Camrose dealer and I think it is the fuel pump inside the tank. Also the yellow engine light...
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    Putting longer track on 05 mach z

    I have an 05 Mach Z 1000 with a 121" track, i was wandering how long of a track i could go to with rail extentions with out m ajor work or twisting ? would the skid out of an 01 summit bolt right in or would i need to do alot of modifications ? Thanks for any help.
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    first time to valemount

    Hello everyone this is our first trip to the mountains, there are four of us with different rideing exp. From 25yrs(mostly trailrideing) too a first year rider. We are wondering if there is a good place to ride trails and start to learn how to ride the powder?? We are looking for info for...
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