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    Fuel pump failure? HELP!!!

    Wow!!!! That's enough information to blow anyone's mind... �� I have some further research to do
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    Fuel pump failure? HELP!!!

    Maybe the oil pump is worn out and now drawing too much power? Its possible I guess... It's been a flawless machine since new. Put almost 4000 kms of the original top end and only changed it because I was getting nervous lol
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    Fuel pump failure? HELP!!!

    Yes it has the oil pump for the turbo tied (plugged) into the harness over beside the primary clutch. Not sure the exact kit. It's a intercooled Boondocker setup with the EBC separate from the fuel controller.
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    Fuel pump failure? HELP!!!

    The sled doesn't build boost and occasionally one cylinder will go cold until you back off the throttle and get the rpm below 6k. Its messed up!
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    Fuel pump failure? HELP!!!

    I've cleaned them(wasn't dirty anyways), swapped them from another machine. I've swapped the solenoid for those and madw sure the vent line is clear. No change
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    Fuel pump failure? HELP!!!

    Yeah I've changed the fuel filter and had a look at the fuel pickups. No change...
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    2014 rmk boondocker turbo not running right

    Sorry for digging up this old thread but did you ever get this figured out? I have a 2011 pro with a boondocker setup that's having this same issues.... Thanks in advance!
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    Fuel pump failure? HELP!!!

    Hey everyone. I have a 2011 turbo pro that I have been chasing the devil through.... This sled idles and runs up to 6000-6200 rpm and falls on its face(bogs). I've changed or swapped almost but the fuel pump or the motor. Small run down for you.... The top end was done less than 500 kms ago...
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    Swan Hills

    Good morning, I was thinking of riding the goose tower area tomorrow but i've never been there. Can somebody please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!
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    Push Turbos. Good or Bad?

    Looking to turbo my M8 & have been looking at the push kits. If anyone has ran these please give me a little feedback. Thanks in Advance!
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    Push turbos

    I was going to turbo my m8, just wondering what kind of hp your running? That is the push pg kit your running right?
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    08 M8 primary clutching

    I have a M8 with d&d head kit, y-pipe, monster pipe, mbrp can, & bdx intake. I'm wondering about primary weights. I have a orange spring & d&d magna force weights but dont know what kind of weight to run (grams) when riding around that 6000ft range. Let me know what kind of rpm i should be...
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    M series parts

    Just wondering if anyone in the edmonton/calgary area is parting out a m sled. I looking for some black belly & side plastic, also the brake assembly. Thanks Kris
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    Parting out 08 m8 162 in great condition.

    Has anybody heard from this guy? Because I did not & still wondering if he still parting out. Thanks Kris
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    Parting out 08 m8 162 in great condition.

    Hey just wondering if you still got the brakes & belly plastic left? Do you know if the plastic fit a 05 m6, to me it looks the same but do know if the reverse makes any difference. Thanks Kris
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    Just got here!!

    Hi there, thanks for having me! I have a 08 M8, a 06 660 grizzly & my wife rides a 05 M6. I know there is lot of info around here so I'm going in head on!! Thanks, Kris
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