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    running race fuel mix?

    for guys out there running a 50/50 mix or something similar do you do all the mixing before you put it in the sled and just carry a bunch of Jerry cans pre mixed from home? my main question is when you still have a half tank left in the sled how do you know how much race fuel to add when putting...

    3800$ BRAND NEW CAMSO KITS from Echo Cycle

    Echo Cycle is blowing out the last two Camso DTS 129 Kits we have in stock. They come with the mounts for KTM/HUSKY for only 3800 dollars, retail is 5200 dollars. Call the parts department (780-447-3246) or pm me on here to see fitment and for any further questions.

    Speedwerx pipes now in stock

    Speedwerx has now finished all R&D on the 2018 cats pipes and supercharger kits. We just got our order in the other day so call Echo Cycle or pm me for pricing or details. They have as well come out with a light weight kit that shaves 8 pounds off the machine while making the bars look super...

    Family day events?

    Just wondering if there is anything happening on the mountain or around town for family day long weekend.

    2018 handlebar kits from speedwerx

    Echo Cycle just got a small batch of the Handlebar control kits from speedwerx for the 2018 sleds, 2012-2017 in stock as well. Call Bryce at the parts counter for a S&M discount.

    Slow speed shifting?

    Was out this weekend and got into the trees, at slower speeds the new 18 had a few issues shifting up. It felt like it would over rev and cut out till i stopped the track and started again. I am wondering if any one else is having these same issues. I am going to be looking to do some clutching...

    Speedwerx handlebar controls delete kits

    Your local Speedwerx distributor Echo Cycle now has the control delete kits in stock for the 12-17 m 8000. starting at 335.99 We will have the 2018 kits in a couple weeks. call the parts department for any further questions.

    Re valving fox floats

    i have a new m8000 mountain cat with the fox float QS3. Shocks I am a lighter rider wondering where is the best place to send them to get the re valved?

    Why didnt anyone do this earlier?

    its a rad kit that cleans up the bars so much. for sure on the order list for this season. looks way cleaner than most setups that i have seen with the little plate on the base with heater switches on it.

    Weekend sled insurance

    wondering if anyone has any idea where one could get insurance for a sled for just a weekend or short amount of time?

    atv jamboree/ events list

    hello fellow riders, wondering if anyone knows of a list or dates of the mud bogs and rallys in the Edmonton area? would like to see if there is anything happening early season? if you are part of a something feel free to post it below for us all to see. thanks

    if you could have a shop with only on acc. brand?

    if you where you open your own shop but could only have one accessory brand what would it be, and why? (EX. Klim, Tobe, 509)

    moto style kill switch and reverse switch.

    i have a m8000 and looking to clean up the bars a bit. seen a Instagram post by David McClure about putting on moto style kill switch and reverse switch. just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience doing it. should it be a pretty simple splice job? the only other thing would be the...

    Thing cooker can for sale proclimb

    I am throwing up my thing cooker can for sale. Used it loved it just wont work with the new speedwerx setup. I put 150 miles on it and the guy I bought it from put 300 on it. looking to get 300o.b.o

    Thing cooker can for sale pc chassis

    I am throwing up my thing cooker can for sale. used it loved it just going with a speedwerx setup instead. has 150 miles on it from me and the guy I bought it off had 300. sounds amazing cooks great just wont be ideal for the setup I'm going with. looking to get 300 OBO for it. for the proclimb...

    Brand new Spot Gen 3 for sale 130$

    Bought it about a month ago and found out i can get a crazy deal on a inreach through my work. so selling the spot for cheap. make me an offer brand new never been activated. can post pics comes in box ready to go.

    what are you running for track tension?

    got my skid all painted up and re installed now set my track to what it says in the book but seems a lot more loose than before. with about 12 pounds on it, it is at 2.25 inches of droop. wondering if this is proper?

    rhino 650 remote mic

    looking for a remote mic for my rhino like the ones on the BCA radios. would love to have my rhino in my bag and still be able to use the mic and hear what is being said. Garmin makes one that goes in your ear but i do not want that at all.

    Where to get a custom seat cover made up

    Looking to get a custom seat cover made up for my proclimb and want it to be shaved down a little bit. Wondering if anyone knows where one would go For that? Thanks in advance

    Anyone have half a box of super glides for sale

    Looking to get a box or preferred half a box of super glides. Need 10-12 feet to do my ramps.
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