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  1. Cat401

    Backup generator for home

    I have heard that this can be an issue with todays sensitive TV's, computers and even looks like Generac generators are safe for household electronics Copied from Generac's website: Are Generac Home Standby Generators Safe to Power Sensitive Electronics? Jan 5, 2024•Knowledge...
  2. Cat401

    zero turn mowers

    you are 100% correct with yout thinking!!
  3. Cat401

    how would you improve the Oilers....

    WTF???....I got two words for you snopro......:mad:
  4. Cat401

    2024 Arctic Cat Catalyst

    I understand the twin rail is going to be an option going forward
  5. Cat401

    3 Old guys ride to Alaska

    Here is a good writeup on the journey these three old guys are making.
  6. Cat401

    2022 Sled Show in Edmonton

    I disagree with need to have at least one late night.... I think Friday....2:00ish ((maybe 1:00, maybe 3:00...??)) till 9:00, then Saturday 9:00 till 5:00 or 6:00 would be perfect hours that would cover most schedules and no, Sunday's are not necessary....proven over the years...
  7. Cat401

    Tkachuck traded to Panthers

    I agree with you 110%!! I never did care for Tkachuk ....but I did admire the play of Johnny G. Actually, I think Huberdeau could be a potentially all around better player than Tkachuk anyways..
  8. Cat401

    Finally an oilers game at Rogers

    He has made a couple mistakes but overall its not him that is losing games. Smith aint the problem....he's a damn good goalie...problem is the defence....Oiler's defence is ineffective....practically non existent most of the time. Nurse thinks stopping a puck is just extending his arm and...
  9. Cat401

    Finally an oilers game at Rogers

    How about you guys take Nurse....and we'll take Johnny? or if we can't have still take Nurse.
  10. Cat401

    AC Release Date

    not sure what you are expecting. The product release (for what ever it was this year) was done weeks ago...mid March.... They delayed in opening up the pricing and ordering till today so they got caught up with last years late deliveries. can build & price and pre-order for next...
  11. Cat401

    AC Release Date

    LAST YEAR WAS TOUGH. LET’S TALK ABOUT WHAT WE’RE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT. Arctic Cat is built on 60 years of podium wins, innovation, passion, excitement, and most We strive to share the ride with everyone, and it is what pushes us to create more experiences and...
  12. Cat401

    AC Release Date
  13. Cat401

    Remember when.....?

    Exactly! I think many members have left in frustration. I'm one of them...I used to be on here numerous times per hardly ever...sick of the ongoing bullch!t....non-snow talk...non mud talk....just politics and covid.
  14. Cat401

    Edmonton mask survey

    How assinine is the people running the City of Edmonton? So now we go from "listen to the doctors and science" when we add restrictions to "let's see what the people want" when it comes time to remove restrictions?? They had 3 weeks to "do a study on what they should do" ....every other...
  15. Cat401

    2023 Rumours

    Wow! Home Run BRP!! I am impressed!
  16. Cat401

    Welcome Back to the Upgraded site

    Hey, there is now a "new post" button at the bottom of the threads....Thank you!!!
  17. Cat401

    Shortage due to covid

    That is totally an untrue statement about JD. You started off good but slipped into a BS statement on that 3rd :geek:
  18. Cat401

    Welcome Back to the Upgraded site

    Yup, you can now...more choices too
  19. Cat401

    Welcome Back to the Upgraded site

    can you add a "new post" at the bottom of the threads?
  20. Cat401

    Enbridge Line 5 dispute

    While i do agree with don't matter what we westerners think and the last people they will take advice from is us!. The east feels we are just a bunch of whiny rednex....I say shut down the pipe...let them learn 1st hand if they need that dirty oil n gas from the west.
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