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  1. captain extreme

    Track - Challenger Extreme or Camso 250/300 LX Track

    Ended up ordering an extreme, price is two good compared to everything else out there. Won't be riding it anyways, just want to sell my sled with new track
  2. captain extreme

    Track - Challenger Extreme or Camso 250/300 LX Track

    Anyone have experience with these on a Gen 5. Challenger Extreme Saw-tooth (15.75x154x3.0") Camso Snowmobile Track, 9447M Didn't realize the Challenger extreme was available in a 3.5 pitch Or this one, Camso Challenger 250/300 LX Track TIA, MM
  3. captain extreme

    Non heated goggles

    I've been using's Zeal Nomads for probably 5 years, have smiths and 509's in my arsenal but always go back to the Zeals.
  4. captain extreme

    Track Ratcheting

    If you ride hard bouncing in and out of ruts, on and off the throttle the OEM drivers will always skip, tried everything over the years Aftermarket only way to go, huge difference and worth it…
  5. captain extreme

    Bushpusher / Goondocker Skidoo G5 Turbo Cooker

    So first day out with this goondocker g5 cooker can, it does work its way out and starts rubbing the inside of the 270$ panel.. At this time wouldn’t recommend it, needs a latch or something. Will be contacting them about this….
  6. captain extreme

    Gen 5 skid plate options

    I modified mine so it doesn't hold snow. BRP once has once similar to this modification.
  7. captain extreme

    Bushpusher / Goondocker Skidoo G5 Turbo Cooker

    Ya, me too, I don't use a "cooker" to cook, just to keep or get warm...
  8. captain extreme

    Bushpusher / Goondocker Skidoo G5 Turbo Cooker

    Did you install one on the stock can? Where/how? Or jam it between the installation and panels?
  9. captain extreme

    Bushpusher / Goondocker Skidoo G5 Turbo Cooker

    Hey! Does anyone have any real world experience with these? Just about completed install, have to modify some plastic, and exhaust covers. Ordered some automotive adhesive heat shield for the panels. There is nothing to secure the pit it’s self, just floats around in the bracket. Has me...
  10. captain extreme

    Glove box bag
  11. captain extreme

    Trailer Insurance

    Nope, just sold my truck... as mentioned previously they wouldn't insure with out it being "attached" to a vehicle. What I ended up doing it "selling" my trailer to my wife and insuring it under her mid size SUV lol....
  12. captain extreme

    Trailer Insurance

    Hi! So Dejardinis will not provide fire/theft insurance for my Triton Enclosed trailer anymore, so looking for an insurance company that will as a stand alone unit... Any recommendations? Company I work for provided me a vehicle and I have sold my truck. TIA, Mike
  13. captain extreme

    G5 Turbo Air Box Removal

    Got it done, not need to remove the secondary.
  14. captain extreme

    G5 Turbo Air Box Removal

    What the easiest way to pull off the main air box (one in front of the throttle bodies)? Was thinking pulling back the fuel tank? Have to remove secondary? thanks MM
  15. captain extreme

    Gen 5 boost problems

    I had problems building boost on my 21, was do to a crack in the turbo. Had to replace the complete unit.
  16. captain extreme

    g5 driveshaft clamp

    These chains and all the stories arising sure has me worried. I have about 700Km on my G5 and I'm tightening the chain 2-3 turns still every weekend. My 21 never took any adjustments. Will open of my G5 this weekend and inspect everything. Does anyone have stock on these TKI Drive shaft...
  17. captain extreme

    Doo on highway thru hell

    According the the show they say "Spring".... if you look at the snowmelt from the drone footage flying over town it looks spring/early summer. The odd part is ski-doo still delivering sleds that time of year?
  18. captain extreme

    G5 Cover / G4 Cover comparison

    Those new plastic clips on the back of my G5 cover ripped/snapped off last trip. Something to watch for....
  19. captain extreme

    Best You-Tube Snowmobile Vids

    Sooooo Good!
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