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  1. Ianhcr800

    KRD Android gps

    Anyone using these Krd set ups? Seems they can cannect with the Polaris set ups for the tracking etc. I have an inreach tucked in my pack but always have my phone turned off so I don’t use it for mapping much. A cluster mounted unit would work best for me. The boonedock nation guys have ran...
  2. Ianhcr800

    Convince Me to Snowcheck a new turbo

    I ordered one. 154 3in expert turbah
  3. Ianhcr800

    Convince Me to Snowcheck a new turbo

    Hey Guys, I am so torn on my snowcheck this year. Is the turbo really worth that extra 3-4 grand from the N/A sleds. Coming off a 2019 154 3in 850. I will be getting a Expert 154 3in turbo or non. I ride Blue River mostly ride roughly 10+ days a year. Pretty advanced rider, used to help...
  4. Ianhcr800

    2020-2021 Revelstoke Area Updates

    Snow report? Anyone been to Sale? On route and one report we heard wasn’t good.
  5. Ianhcr800

    Installing T3 x 163 track on 165 G4 - Inquiry

    How did this track hold up last season? Have one sitting in my shop waiting to be put on. Very little reviews on this track. QUOTE=venom;2706514]Composite M770R review. Just spent 4 cold days in sicamous but was well worth it, Snow was deeeep. Most snow I've seen in a while. Overall...
  6. Ianhcr800

    2017 - 2018 BLUE RIVER Conditions and Updates

    First of all how’s the snow!? Heading up this weekend. I know they are supposed to groom every 100 riders up the trail. I pay my trail fee and wether bumpy or not I don’t complain. That money helps keep the club alive in blue river. Such a small community trying to serve all of us sledders...
  7. Ianhcr800

    Blue River Information Thread

    Headin up tomorrow with a group of 9. Got a couple days scheduled with ken and digger. Hope the snow is piling up haven't been dissapointed with blue river yet!
  8. Ianhcr800

    Truck and trailer stolen out of valemount best western parking lot.

    had a friends ford f 350 Harley stole this weekend with his new red/black xm in the back of it in Edmonton coming home from a trip at blue river. seems the 6.0l ford are very easy to steal from stories around my town. many stole right from the dealership to. keep your eyes out for it if ya could...
  9. Ianhcr800

    2012 / 2013 Valemount Conditions and Updates

    a group of about 10-14 will be coming up this Thursday. whats the snow like? hopefully make a day over to blue river to ride with digger :Snowmobile1:
  10. Ianhcr800

    My 09 XP doesnt like cold starts....

    turns out my y-pipe bolts were loose and one was missing. then when it heated up and the metal expanded it was fully sealed. tighten your y pipe bolts!!!
  11. Ianhcr800

    LinQ Gas Can -- Thoughts?

    well the mountain addiction gas cans are starting to look prettttyyyy good right now lol. whats a good place to order them off of?
  12. Ianhcr800

    My 09 XP doesnt like cold starts....

    M 09 xp recently seems to dislike cold starts. itll start 2nd 3rd pull then idle bad and it feels like it has a very bad knock to it and backfires like no other. if it can stay idling and warm up good it seems fine or if it comes out of a warm shop and it starts great. the only way i can warm...
  13. Ianhcr800

    LinQ Gas Can -- Thoughts?

    what is everyones thoughts on the new brp gas can. Old style ones sucked my dad and I ripped both of ours off. let me know what people think of them. thanks
  14. Ianhcr800

    Blue Jewel / Blue River Updates & Conditions 2012 / 2013

    We rode salmon on the 3rd. It was unreal. So much untouched. A good amount of powder. Great climbs. Trail is a bit sketchy. Some people need to learn how to run the throttle lol. Some big ole trenches. Other then that its been a great couple days. Not saying where we went today but it was awesome
  15. Ianhcr800

    New sled found a nice rock

    Yeah to bad they don't. I think there 40,41,42 is the widths you can go with the holz with moving the spacers . I won't have a problem with the extra width I don't think. My old sled was a 2010 hcr which I think was like 43 wide. I'm so glad I made the switch. This sled is way better I feel...
  16. Ianhcr800

    New sled found a nice rock

    True i straightened the one a arm to do for now, but now if I do bend the holz ones i will have these as a spare to get me around till I can get a new aftermarket one.
  17. Ianhcr800

    New sled found a nice rock

    Well.. Haven't owned my new to me 09xp for 24 hours and I hit a nice rock. Bent the s module , left lower a arm, and some other stuff. With a crowbar and a few buddies we bent the s module back and threw some bolts back into the top frame where it attaches to each other (not sure what its...
  18. Ianhcr800

    2009 ski doo xp cheap upgrades?

    Just picked up a 09 ski doo xp 800 490 miles. Got a great deal on it. Just switched over from a m800 :rolleyes: Just wondering what some good mods are. It has a can, cold air intake, and skid plate. Any cheaper upgrades you could do? Thinking of a two wheel kit. And another question I know...
  19. Ianhcr800

    2010 hcr m8

    mine does this when it sits outside over night after i have been riding it. i usually keep it in a warm shop. after i let it defrost it runs fine. sounds like a 4 stroke kinda only sounds like its runnning on 1 cylinder. would also like to know what is causing this. changed plugs and its not a...
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