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  1. sledneck_joe

    BLUE RIVER 2023-2024

    Don’t bother. We were overheating in Salmon. Like in the riding area, it’s bad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. sledneck_joe

    GnR clutch alignment tool G5

    Average seems to be about 800km per belt for our crew.. and like Maxwell said when they blow, they blow. Gone are the days of a single pulled cord giving you notice, these things just grenade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. sledneck_joe

    Adjustable Limiter Strap

    Broke the plastic linkage piece that connects the handle to the spring loaded assembly, anybody have one kicking around or know of an aftermarket solution? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. sledneck_joe

    Tunnel storage?

    I run the stackable linq fuel caddy in front, and the 30L deep snow pro bag in the rear on my 154 expert, no issues. I would imagine the 3 gallon caddy will work as well but can’t say for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. sledneck_joe

    Battery maintenance in cold weather travel

    We had a trailer full of e start Summit XM’s that didn’t want to start after a -40 drive years ago. No pull start on those sleds so we jumped them with the truck, let em warm up and had no issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. sledneck_joe

    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2022-2023
  7. sledneck_joe

    BCA MTN PRO Bag & Fuel Caddy

    You can, but it makes the sled very top heavy.
  8. sledneck_joe

    Used sled prices

    N/A and turbo are both 2 year warranty
  9. sledneck_joe

    Delivery timeline

    Picked up mine from Riverside Thursday afternoon, they had 2 in the showroom, 4 in the shop, and a few more crates out back.
  10. sledneck_joe

    850 ETEC, anyone break 5,000km yet?

    My 2020 Expert is currently getting a new shortblock after 2500km
  11. sledneck_joe

    Skidoo 154 turbo

    Been riding a 154 N/A Expert the past two seasons.. it'll go most places you wanna go, just have to carry a ridiculous amount of speed. Tons of fun on features, much easier to pull re entries and bowties on than a 165+. With a turbo it should climb decently as well. My track only lasted 2000km...
  12. sledneck_joe

    Edm Dealer Recomendations

    Sales at Martin West is great, service is another story in my experience.. I'll be giving Riverside a call from now on.
  13. sledneck_joe

    BLUE RIVER Conditions, Updates and Rad Stuff 2020/2021

    Website was updated yesterday with grooming reports..
  14. sledneck_joe

    BLUE RIVER Conditions, Updates and Rad Stuff 2020/2021

    According to the sled Blue River website White River is still closed for logging. Not sure about the others up that way. Haven't seen any grooming reports for heading that direction either.
  15. sledneck_joe

    BLUE RIVER Conditions, Updates and Rad Stuff 2020/2021

    Anyone have info on the Pro chassis Polaris that came down tonight with no A Arms? Hope everyone is alright.
  16. sledneck_joe

    BLUE RIVER Conditions, Updates and Rad Stuff 2020/2021

    Rode Salmon on Friday, main areas were pounded but lots left in the trees. Same goes for Red Sands, rode fresh lines all day in the thick stuff. Trails are real icy down low, tough to keep the sleds cool. But worth the fight.
  17. sledneck_joe

    knee braces and sledding

    Won't ride without my Mobius X8 braces anymore. One bad MCL sprain was all it took for me to buy braces.
  18. sledneck_joe

    165 to a 175

    If you're selling your 165 track and rails please let me know! I'll take them both off your hands if they are in good shape.
  19. sledneck_joe

    2019/2020 Blue River Conditions and Updates

    Road Foam Friday this past week, fairly windswept but definitely found some good snow. Paradise on Saturday was a bit of a gong show getting in, but worth every inch of the fight. Red Sands on Sunday still had great snow to ride in the trees. Thanks for another solid weekend BRPPS!
  20. sledneck_joe

    Looking for 2020 expert 165

    Considering selling my 154 3.0" Expert with Shot. ~950km. PM me for details. Black and Orange.
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