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  1. RGM

    Blown turbo motors

    My buddy just blew his 2021 turbo with less than a 1000KM. I haven't heard of any other motors going down, anybody else? My 2020.5 has 4000KM and motor is still running good.
  2. RGM

    Who has been out?

    Seen a few post on FB. I am not into bending a-arms but maybe others are
  3. RGM

    Somebody from Airdrie is happy.
  4. RGM

    Big Dawg Shoot-out

    Anyone else on here at that event back in 2006 2007
  5. RGM

    BRP introduces the worlds first hydrogen cell snowmobile

    Seems pretty interesting.
  6. RGM

    Anyone picked up there skidoo factory turbo yet?

    I am hoping to have mine this coming week.
  7. RGM

    2 stolen Polaris from Golden snowmobile rentals

    Please keep an eye out for these two sleds please. SN1EGM8R6LC705803 Red 2020 Polaris RMK 850 163 x 3” SN1EGK8R9LC7000258 Blue 2020 Polaris RMK 850 163 x 2.6” I haven't seen a post from Aaron so thought I would do it.
  8. RGM

    Tell me why you ride without a radio?

    Already a couple of guys overnighting in the backcountry. Pretty sure radio communications would have prevented this. If your group doesn't ride with radios tell me why?
  9. RGM

    Pieps Pro beacons black friday blow out

    I have 3 brand new Pieps pro transceiver for sale . 350 each includes shipping.
  10. RGM

    Baofeng radio Edmonton sled show special.

    I often get asked if I will be at the Edmonton Sled show and have any specials. I would love to go one year but I always seem to be scrambling to get ready for winter. But this year I will at least be offering a special. For the first 100 radios on orders of 5 or more sold during the show I...
  11. RGM

    Airbag, which ones?

    With my camper on my 2018 F350 CC really squats. I want to put on some airbags and it seems there are two major choices the firestone airbags and the LoadLifter 5000. For some reason the LoadLifter 7500XL won't work with diesels. Anyone have experience with either system. Pros and cons of each?
  12. RGM

    Globalstar sat phones - who wants a better deal?

    I have been emailing the regional sales manager and have explained how many clients they have lost. If I can make a deal for a group type plan who would be interested in a 360 bucks a year plan with no or minimal minutes?
  13. RGM

    3 more sledders missing in Sicamous

    Not the way to start out the New Year. I hope they have a big fire going.
  14. RGM

    For those that don't carry a spot,inreach or sat phone why not?

    After another group of sledders that got lost for those that don't carry a spot,inreach or sat phone why not? There should be no search in SAR just rescue.
  15. RGM

    Using a Baofeng with BCA orother FRS radios

    Using a Baofeng with BCA or other FRS radios I get a lot of calls and emails about using Baofeng with BCA and other FRS radios. The programming that comes with the radios I sell include the FRS channels 1-22 with no code sometimes called sub channels or privacy channels. I also include the BCA...
  16. RGM

    almost at 1000 pages

    I am calling dibs on the first post on page 1000!
  17. RGM

    Time to start thinking avy

    It time to put on your avy thinking cap. Most area have had a least one good dump of snow followed by some clear cold weather. What is happening to that early season snowpack and the ground beneath it? What is the ground like where you ride? Is it a grassy slope, boulder field maybe polished...
  18. RGM

    Baofeng Radios

    Guys are starting to order radios for the upcoming season. I am going to be away the rest of september and the last shipping day for this month will be tuesday the 4th. If any one want some this month let me know tomorrow or monday or next shipping date will be October 1st. Thanks
  19. RGM

    F'n Globalstar again

    Check your bill, Globalstar minimum plan is now 125 min at 79.99. I phoned to cancel and they offered my 20 bucks off but I only use my phone a few times a year so they have lost my business. When I started with them they had a 10 min plan that was reasonable. Doesn't cost them anything to have...
  20. RGM

    A legend is Gone

    RIP Tony Parisi. Some of you probably knew he was battling brain cancer. He lost that battle this AM
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