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  1. frock

    Ford Diesel Question

    Do the cabs still get removed with the new Ford's to work on the motor?
  2. frock

    C3 Carbon Fiber Hood

    Anyone have one of these hoods to fit a 2013 800 Proclimb that they want to part with?
  3. frock

    Stainless Rivets In Grande Prairie

    Like the title states, does anybody know where's the best place to find full stainless rivets in Grande Prairie??
  4. frock

    Polaris in Grande Prairie

    Is there a Polaris dealer in GP? My buddy needs an a-arm.
  5. frock

    Good Cat Mechanic in Calgary

    I have a buddy living in Calgary who needs to take his old M7 in for some TLC. He's not a sled mechanic at all and needs to have the sled gone through by someone knowledgeable who isn't gonna bend him over the stump. Help guys!!!!!
  6. frock

    What's a Tundra Worth?

    I am looking at a sled to drag the grandkids around on a tube at the farm. A local guy is selling a 2015 Tundra 550 LT with 1500 km on it. What's it worth, he's said his bottom line is $7000?
  7. frock

    External Hard-drive on Telus/Bell Sat Receiver

    Anybody added an external hard-drive to their Telus/Bell satellite receiver, they are both model 6131? Not the pvr style, but the receiver that has no memory? Which hard-drive did you use, is it working fine and was it basically plug and play?
  8. frock

    WRP Seat Value???

    I have a WRP, Brett Rasmussen signature seat for a 2013 Proclimb, what's it worth? It's in excellent shape and I only removed it because I preferred the feel of the Boss seat for this sled so I replaced it.
  9. frock

    Huge Thank You To Kevin and Christy Raduenz

    A couple weeks ago me and a buddy went to Revy to ride Boulder. We had never been there and were looking forward to it even though I knew nothing about how to get around the area and that we were likely only gonna see a small amount of the mountain. We got a late start from Sicamous and didn't...
  10. frock

    CBC Interviews Mike Weigele

    I posted this in another thread and it probably wasn't the best place for it so I'm making it's own thread with an update: I listen to CBC radio every day when I'm working cause it's the only channel I get up here on my drive to and from work. This afternoon they made a phone call to Mike...
  11. frock


    I know a lot of peeps on here are very pro-Harper so I am asking that group if any of you are feeling any unease at what he and his government have been doing over the last year or so? I'm referring to weakening of the environmental laws, trying to arrange a trade deal with the Chinese that will...
  12. frock

    Blast Radius ??????????

    I just found out 2 weeks ago that Spectra is tentatively putting their natural gas pipeline to a Prince Rupert LNG plant through my property. It's a 48" line at just over 2000 psi and the route so far puts it within about 300 yards of the house. Everything I've looked at so far on the internet...
  13. frock

    What would you do?????

    Last night on the way home from work we (me and my fellow operators) came upon an accident scene. There was a lady standing on the side of the highway trying to wave down traffic. A pickup had just pulled up to her and put his flashers on and we met a pickup that had gone past her about 200...
  14. frock

    Increase to the Carbon Tax

    I have a question for anyone from southern BC. How do the logging contractors down there deal with the waste in the bush? Up here they stack it all and then burn it. This is all leading to my rant :D. Most of the northern BC communities do not have a transit service and some like the...
  15. frock

    Bran Flakes

    Tony and Yvonne were 85 years old and had been married for sixty years. Though they were far from rich, they managed to get by because Tony watched their pennies. Though not young, they were both in very good health, largely due to Yvonne's insistence on healthy foods and exercise for the...
  16. frock

    Mid May in Sicamous?????

    Going to Sicamous to visit a buddy in middle of May, will there be enough snow for a ride??? Never rode there before so no info on how late you guys can ride and don't wanna drag my sleds all the way down there for nothin. Thanks in advance for any info guys :d
  17. frock

    2011 Dodge Ram Rim Question???????????

    Do any of you know if the 8 bolt rims on the 2011 3500 Dodge pickups are still interchangeable with Ford and Chevy 8 bolt? I know the Fords were a straight swap, but the Chev was a smaller inside diameter on their center hole for the older models.
  18. frock

    NO to Enbridge

    NO to Enbridge???? The recent oil spill near Peace River highlights why a lot of BC residents don't want the Enbridge pipeline project in our province. What do the Alberta folks think about this? Should we allow development at any cost? Even if that includes food and fresh water for the...
  19. frock

    Forced end to season, help!!

    I am in dire straits folks. There is still a month of riding here and my sled is down. I got some bad gas and detonated my 900 Engine Tech. One side is f@#%ed and the other has just pinched the top ring. I called Engine Tech to order some new pistons and Art is right out and won't be casting any...
  20. frock

    Hello Mattern

    Hey Mattern I replied to your PM you sent me. Get back to me with your reply please.
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