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  1. Bnorth

    Conspiracy theory forum

    Where's the economic crash?
  2. Bnorth

    Daylight savings vote

    Would rather have daylight in the afternoon to sled a little later or actually get something done around home after work.
  3. Bnorth

    Truth bomb about hospitals

    Why are we talking about ivermectin? I thought hydroxychloroquine was supposed to have this thing licked last spring?
  4. Bnorth

    New estimates on how much longer the chip shortage will last

    Toilet paper and lumber shortages were not manufactured, not that it will change your mind I'm sure. One was related purely to consumer demand and the other to supply side constraints due to curtailments because of commodity prices below production costs in late 2019/early 2020 as well as a...
  5. Bnorth

    Tunnel bag/box This guy has the cheapest linq plate I've seen just add the male linq bracket to one side and bolt a box on top.
  6. Bnorth

    WTB Ascender plastics

    Probably cheaper to use the BDX/SSI conversion kit
  7. Bnorth

    Will you get to ride your Ski-Doo next winter ??

    My dealer said of the 110 sleds they've received so far they've got 80 gauges and posts arriving next week.
  8. Bnorth

    Stocks to watch

    Missed the boat but got a buy order in for AMPY tomorrow.
  9. Bnorth

    BRP Sled delay for fall of 2021

    When I talked to my dealer they said that the sleds they received without gauge or DESS post still run so if you're in the boat of waiting I'd try to pick it up anyway.
  10. Bnorth

    Early Season Itch

    Oct 17, 2020 Oct 29, 2017 Oct 22, 2016
  11. Bnorth

    Trans Mountain Pipeline and Valemount

    So the whole project is down til the new year for a 'safety reset.' Which companies are getting skidded besides Macro Spiecapag?
  12. Bnorth

    top posters

    last day at work
  13. Bnorth

    top posters

    coffee 1
  14. Bnorth

    Spark plugs

    Pretty sure all I ran were 8's. never had a fouling issue in either sled.
  15. Bnorth

    top posters

    night before was a 4.5 though. damn I hadn't had one of those in months!
  16. Bnorth

    top posters

    that ain't too bad. I had a 3 out of 5 sleep last night
  17. Bnorth

    Best sledding GPS app?

    I am liking Gaia but usually carry a Garmin 62S as well.
  18. Bnorth

    top posters

  19. Bnorth

    Free staycations available....

    $650 worth of Busch and hotdogs it is!
  20. Bnorth

    Free staycations available....

    Are any of the locations near Valemount, McBride, Blue River etc? And will liquor drinks be supplied?
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