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  1. ttpowersports

    2020-2021-Mcbride conditions and updates

    Anyone ride bell yesterday ?
  2. ttpowersports

    T&T shutting down.

    First a big thank you to all who reached out and also those awesome customer/friends that shared our love for the industry and others who share the love . I started T&T Power Sports Ltd in 1993 - what a great ride and full of adventures and meeting new friends and fellow enthusiasts . For...
  3. ttpowersports

    Are you guys ready for the next skidoo game changer?

    agreed - the manufacturers have to stay current and improve and advance the models available, competition and improved models are good for everyone. except those who snowchecked and then see a newer model brought out ! but always something better. I say let them work out the bugs and see...
  4. ttpowersports

    Need 5.5’ Truckbox from Medicine Hat brought north Edmonton or bonnyville

    Hey guys I need a f150 5.5 ‘ truck box safely hauled :) from Medicine Hat to Edmonton or bonnyville let me know if anyone is traveling or knows reasonable couriers that may save me a road trip message me or text 780-826-0319 thanks and merry Christmas to all Terry
  5. ttpowersports

    SnowandMud Edmonton Snow Show After Party - Sat Oct 13,2018

    should be a goodtime, been a while since I have been unsupervised ....... look forward to seeing the gang !
  6. ttpowersports

    end of season tire blowout !

    all street bike tires in stock blowing out below cost ! end of season clearance ... call or check our facebook for sizes...
  7. ttpowersports

    wanted 153-3" lug powerclaw track

    looking for a take off track 153-3" power claw 3.0 pitch what cha got
  8. ttpowersports

    Bow Cycle North

    as mentioned we don't know when or how much rebates.. are changing to - typically it affects the price for about two seasons. then prices are more inline, it also depends on how any sleds are for sale at the dealer level as well as being sold privately , if 60-70 riders of proclimbs want to...
  9. ttpowersports

    Power Merchants fire

    not sure what happened, just like previously mentioned, its a ****ty deal , Jerry did a lot for the industry for many years and that should be always remembered. There are lots of rumours and we all know that rumours are not facts.... I wish Jerry a positive ending to this situation, this is...
  10. ttpowersports

    Bow Cycle North

    -well .... we try to move non currents by takin advantage of big rebates and programming and high lighting benefits/cost savings, ultimately its buyers choice price verses changes/ upgrades,. the non currents still come with full warranty, as well there are great deals on demo's also full...
  11. ttpowersports

    three word story

    hard and deep
  12. ttpowersports

    Would you still go?

    personally I would not risk it, a holiday if your always watching your back or feel insecure- especially if you have your family with you... especially females.. I would weigh out if your gonna relax,,, I would maybe pass imo but that's my two bits
  13. ttpowersports

    2019 Alpha

    well they certainly went through the fuel :)
  14. ttpowersports

    2019 Alpha

    I know the second and 3 day in revy they were hauling more fuel up... the first day they only took one fuel can up, as mentioned we gave up one full 3.1 gal can off the back of Dales sled and refilled again twice from our sleds and gave that up to ensure the rides kept going. that's quite a...
  15. ttpowersports

    Some morons poached Fernie Wilderness Adventures Cat Skiing

    is the same as people drinking driving theres always a few in every activity that give something ablack eye....
  16. ttpowersports

    Sled damaged while at the dealership

    knowing where the manager is coming from, trust me he is sorry, it all affects our bottom line- first it should not have happen, second if it happened it should have been admitted and dealt with- when I happened someone knew it, and then the customer notified, for inspection before and after...
  17. ttpowersports

    New from Cold Lake looking for ATV Club

    welcome , there was an atv club years ago that was cold lake and bonnyville combined, used to be affilitated with bonnyville snowmobile club. however it was desolved due to lack of participation by active members. I am not sure if there are any on the base or in cold lake or not . usually...
  18. ttpowersports

    2018 Sidewinder Who's Getting One??

    I had the opportunity to also ride the side winder , stock except for a cr racing can and simmons skis, and I loved it, very smooth power and lots off it, coming off a 2014 m9000 162 with 240-260 ish tune and the new front end... it was very nice, I would agree that it is more than enough hp...
  19. ttpowersports

    Purchasing a 2018 arctic cat m8000 153

    Personally I am more of a fourstroke guy,. I do ride the two strokes but hard to step from the 240 hp to 150 ish.... did ride our demo 18s quite a bit last season _ due to shoulder injury- very impressive stock , had a speedwerx can on one and it seemed to work pretty good, the direct...
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