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    Muskoka Freerider

    Got ch!t house lucky!!!
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    Merry Christmas... 2023

    Merry Xmas Everyone
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    Golden road improvements/closures.....

    I wonder if there is warranty
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    "Mousetrapped" Lets Talk About It

    Great topic, and agree the best practice is to make sure you guys that are executing these maneuvers, have a buddy close by to help if needed. Judging by what's going on with the You Tube crowd obviously others are usually pretty close. I've also noticed that there seems to be more than one...
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    Judging by how much fog we've had around, we are certainly in for a wet April
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    S & M Courier Service

    I'm headed to Revy from Spruceview tomorrow coming back Sunday
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    Fred? Whats up with Biden?

    The lady that got thrown to the ground and cuffed for not masking up to the border chit show pretty much sums up Biden and Cameltoes ability to administrate.
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    2020-2021 Revelstoke Area Updates

    Great video Ferniesnow, the shot of Begbie looked like it could have been taken off my front deck of my place in Revy.? Great view.
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    Eagle Valley / Sicamous Conditions 2020-2021

    I'm not surprised by anything that happens in todays world anymore. SEEMS TO BE LESS AND LESS PEOPLE THAT HAVE ANY REPECT...VERY disappointing.
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    Random Pictures Thread

    Gauge our governments use to blow smoke up our asses????? And they are the only ones that know how to read it??? LOL
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    BC Shutdown?

    Was in Revy for the better part of the week and never saw any Police Presence. One thing I sure saw alot of was Quebec and Ontario plates.....
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    Barbecue Season(Show me your Supper)

    Merry Christmas Everyone Where could I get some walleye? Man that looks good
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    Shooting in Rocky Mountain House

    Jesus, so sorry to hear that. Faces and names should be made public,,,, I don't give sh## how old they are.
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    Humorous picture thread

    If he was Native, there would be no issue and likely Trudope would have paid off the building as well!! So very TRUE
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    Fight for Free Speech

    Good job getting this going Snopro, Iwas able listen to todays segment on this matter and was also glad to hear Danielle isn't going anywhere.
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    Fight for Free Speech

    Probably just my inability to find that segment of her show but i would sure like to listen to it so I can reference it in my emails to the three people at QR. Danielle Smith does a an outstanding job being a voice for most of us. It would be terrible if we lost that voice.
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    Stolen last night

    Crappy deal. Believe me I know how you feel. Where did you post the pic of these guys?
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    Horgan premier of BC calls Snap Election

    JUST GREAT JUST FN GREAT Way to go lower mainland Way to go
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    Random Pictures Thread

    LOL Ron and Ev probably have Frisby picked already... LOL Buggers
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    I can’t breathe.

    Lots of really good factual points being made on hear that cannot be denied by anyone, period. It is certainly messed up. Fox News seems to broadcast the facts and aren't afraid to call out the people that don't. Keep it up Fox.
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