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  1. Shadam

    Boeing whistleblower found dead.....

    When I heard the 2nd guy raising concerns my immediate thought was how long is this guy going to live ...
  2. Shadam

    Putin Runs Again

    Not long after this conflict started CBC reported that over 200,000 ppl fled Ukraine for Russia. That speaks volumes about ppls preferences. But regardless of everyone squabbling here, we all can agree on one thing ... Alota dead white guys! Isn't that wot certain religions want?
  3. Shadam

    Putin Runs Again

    I want hear redacteds take on this
  4. Shadam

    Canadians with EVs drive more than ICE drivers

    How can u tell if someone owns a EV ??? Don't worry, they will tell u ...
  5. Shadam

    Baltimore bridge collapse

    Yes china could have rebuilt in 6 months but that one would fall down all by its self, no impact needed
  6. Shadam

    Golden and Area Conditions 2023-2024

    B road is in good condition. 2wheel drive to the harbour. Soft spots yes but if u get stuck ur playing the wrong game and go live in a 15min city
  7. Shadam

    Appliance life span and our throwaway world

    Buddy's 4 year old house, dishwasher died. 4years!
  8. Shadam

    Putin Runs Again

    Interesting how Dems don't negotiate, they go to war. I'm still expecting no elections here or down south. Ukraine did it ...
  9. Shadam


    It's disappointing pay pal does nothing about it. They get their fee so carry on ...
  10. Shadam

    The Cult Queen of Canada

    I expect there r undercover cops in her band of crazies. Coz let's face it, if u were going to bet on some clown blowing up a building or something or someone, these clowns are contenders. However the turd luv it to happen so he turn up the screws even more. Hmmm, maybe said under covers are...
  11. Shadam

    The Cult Queen of Canada

    It really blows my mind that ppl believe her. I find cults interesting, so many ppl fall for it hook line and sinker. Then hand over all their wealth while the guru is banging their wife. But that's ok coz the aliens r going to take them to another planet.
  12. Shadam

    S Modual repair

    Don't buy the bigger brp rivits. Super expensive, just use bolts
  13. Shadam

    What's going to happen to Tucker Carlson now?

    I predict this will b the most watched interview ever ... All the left media have to watch it so they can feed their viewership false clips
  14. Shadam

    Technical tree riding

    The turbo yamys made us good tree riders. Coz if u stop u will be there for a while. Thus u get really good at picking lines and staying in the boost. Just don't follow too close to the turbo coz damn they could roost!
  15. Shadam

    Israel at War

    That's a broad brush ur painting is with
  16. Shadam

    Israel at War

    CBC sure is doing a great job of promoting whites vs whites in fighting
  17. Shadam

    Can’t make this ch!t up.

    I'm going to ask my friends at parks about this. Wotz the bet they don't know anything about it.
  18. Shadam

    Fred? Whats up with Biden?

    All politics
  19. Shadam

    Golden and Area Conditions 2023-2024

    Buddy was at Gorman Friday. Trail to the lake no problem. They considered going up into Holt but vis said no. Yestdy we went to hope ck. 7 sleds total. Trail in is starting to get some whoops. In the back meadow I probed 103cm standing on a spot we our crew had lunch 2weeks ago and couldn't see...
  20. Shadam

    Golden and Area Conditions 2023-2024

    I think we will b riding tomorrow. I'll let u know conditions
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