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    Terrace and Stewart

    Spring sledn there is awesome. We used to go up there for May long. Took the campers and parked up at the mine. Started going up there in 2000.
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    Alberta Beach Area

    I deliver firewood in there to some seniors. Gail,Diane and Frank on Spruce street. Its a nice area.
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    Alberta Beach Area

    I am just around the corner from you. I am 1.5 miles north of 633/757. Magnolia hall corner.
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    Looking for a good restaurant

    Barbacoa in Spruce Grove. Top notch food and service 👌
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    Blue River 2021-2022 Conditions

    Is the finger bowls area still open ? Or at least that’s what we called it. It was north of town a bit on the west side. Wasn’t a groomed trail. Was told it got shut down a few years back for the “Caribou”.
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    5 Ton Dump Hoist Kit

    Just started looking around for a 5 ton dump hoist kit. Found the Pierce kit online. They look pretty decent. Don’t really want too order from the states. Would like too pick one up in Edmonton or near by. Just wondering where too start looking and what kits are good. It’s for a F 550 flat deck...
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    Beef pricing

    Back in June we got our 4H beef from my buddy’s kid. Was $4 a lb plus cut and wrap.
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    Where to get firewood by the logging truck?

    Bringing an old thread back too life. Just wondering if anyone has come across any logging loads of firewood west of Edmonton. Had a deal lined up on 3 logging loads but the guy changed his mind. Not sure if I will get in the bush this winter, had a hip replacement in July.
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    Dump trailer info

    Will soon be looking for a dump trailer for the farm and firewood sales business. Just looking around right now. Never had one before. Kinda leaning towards the Diamond C brand over the Southland brand that Flaman is selling. Looks like Diamond C is better built and quality, and is a bit more...
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    Firewood sales

    Yes Frankenytro I hear you. My buddy in Sangudo that sells firewood told me the same thing. He said the well off people only burn birch outside. He was shocked as well. Birch prices are retarded. I seen an ad for Jmp the other day out of Carvel. I think he was just over $700 for a cord.
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    Firewood sales

    Ya for sure people are out too lunch. I am doing 1/3 cords up in the water tote cages. Then a little xtra since it’s not a true 1/3 cord. I figure give a bit xtra then everyone’s happy. If I deliver it’s easy on my end. Load up with the loader. Then unload at where I am going by hand.
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    Firewood sales

    I am just doing as a side gig for the next year or so. In between jobs right now. Then a hip replacement coming up. So my plan is too sell too campers and lot owners down the road and people near by. Need too supplement the income when I am off. I have 2 logging loads of Tamarack and a load of...
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    Firewood sales

    Yes your not far at all. I am RR 65. North of highway 16.
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    Firewood sales

    Sorry wasn’t me. I delivered that load too Ascot Beach on Saturday too a nice young couple.
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    Firewood sales

    Just kinda getting into the firewood sales side gig. Figure I would ask the great snow and mud people on there opinion as everybody is different. I burn wood in my outdoor boiler and have a crusher cone for a fire pit so I never really think about it as I just cut up whatever. I decided too sell...
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    2020-2021-Mcbride conditions and updates

    Keep an eye on the tree wells for the treemongrel
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    2020-2021-Mcbride conditions and updates

    CUSO, I thought you were breaking the trail in there this winter ??
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    Temp Storage Shelter

    Parkland tax assessment usually stops in every year too adjust land taxes. At least they do out my way. They will be the nosy ones.
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    Anybody ever get knee injections?

    I have had both hip and knee injections. As said above usually last about 3 months then pain comes back. I was booked for hip assessment end of April but that was cancelled. But yes it does help, definitely a lot less pain. It’s funny how pain messes with the rest of the body. I have sleep...
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    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2019 2020

    Can’t wait will be there on Boxing Day ����
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