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    Farmer talk

    It’s under irrigation. Put on 3” so far. It’s definitely early this year. at least a week ahead of “normal”. And now there’s rain in the forecast. 1st cut is always hit and miss.
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    Farmer talk

    I started cutting hay yesterday, so you guys should be getting some rain
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    Lost lake gates closed

    Did some trail riding yesterday. Went to lost lake. Gates are still closed. I thought they’re supposed to be open Dec 1? Only place there’s snow is behind the gates.
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    Farmer talk

    Weather man says you should get your razor ready for next week.
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    Ford F-150 Lightning

    Canadian pricing is way too high with a 80 cent dollar compared to US pricing.
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    Farmer talk

    Speaking of GMO, all people who get a mRNA vaccine are now GMO.
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    Is man made climate change real?

    So how can someone freeze to death if it’s +9C?
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    Lethbridge population in 1970 was 39552. Last year it was 94804. You really think it hasn't changed? I think you lost your credibility with that statement.
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    Ski doo spring spacers! Finally got my prototypes our on the snow.

    I'm interested in a set for the hd springs. I know they'll be stiff, but it's what I need.
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    Skidoo demo ride, now what?

    It was from one of your customers. Thanks Ryan and Cory. Going to try it out in the morning. Little brother will be looking to do the same.
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    Skidoo demo ride, now what?

    You talked me into it Ken. Went to snow check a xm today and ended up buying a 13 with low kms. That gives me all summer to big bore it. Maybe I'll keep the turbo for the deep days. The resale value on the Cats are crap even if you have one of the "good" ones.
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    Official REVY Riding conditions 2012/13

    Parking lot is dry. Some gravel patches before the first bridge, snow after that, but pretty slushy till the Kirkup turnoff. Spring conditions are here.
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    Skidoo demo ride, now what?

    I thought you were riding today. Did you leave some untracked for us? The big bore option may be the way to go. If I talk to 10 guys, I get 10 different opinions. It's all good info.
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    Skidoo demo ride, now what?

    We have several times, and it's not even close. We are running 220+ hp on our 1100's. I also have a 174 CE track and it turns 58 - 60 mph in all conditions. The bottom line is the four stroke has a big hp advantage, but it comes with the weight. We seem to spend more time playing in gullies and...
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    Skidoo demo ride, now what?

    I like to thank all the skidoo guys for putting on the demo tour. We had a good time putting the xm to the test. Currently I ride a 1100 four stroke. The first thing I noticed is: where's my turbo power? The second thing I noticed: wow this thing is easy to ride! So now I'm struggling with...
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    Castle mountain riding

    Last week conditions were very good. A couple feet of fresh snow. Today only a foot of fresh on top of a hard layer. Stuff was sliding very easily. We set off several little sluffs. We stayed off all the big stuff. It must have rained or warmed up enough to get a nasty hard layer that is not...
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    Almost over

    When I saw this vid last year my first thought was my four stroke would have gone down. I guess 2 strokes have their advantages.
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    What do you think of Arctic Cat's new numbering system

    I still got a 1976 arctic cat jag 3000. Must be some old guys working in the design department. FYI, the jag is still on the original belt. It would be nice if the new sleds could go at least one year on a belt. Maybe the design guys were dreaming the same as me.
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    New sled RANT

    i have no idea how good or bad the new pro is. I don't have one. I also have not bashed it. Time will tell. My point is if someone tells me the 13's are a good sled, and then also says the 900 was a good sled and the 08 had a good motor, well they lose all credibility.
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