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    Sled trailer Stolen North East Alberta

    I’ll keep an eye out around the Newbrook & Thorhild areas.
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    Swan Hills ATV Poker Rally - Saturday April 20, 2024

    Is anyone planning on going tomorrow? I called Brent and he said most of the deep holes are still froze so shouldn’t need to be too much winching. Forecast is -11C overnight there so it will be firmed up pretty good and a high of +12C so it shouldn’t be too bad of a day. We’ll be on a red...
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    Got out today

    How were the river crossings? Get stuck at all?
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    Riding @ The Lake.

    Might have to take you up on the perch hints this winter 👍
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    2024 Sidewinder (Previous issues ongoing or resolved?)

    Nice sled and garage 👍
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    Ranger vs Defender

    Yup we’re happy with our P1000-5 it’s been a great machine so far with about 4000kms on it. The separate folding rear seats are great for the kids and nice being able to leave one folded down so have more room for cooler and other goodies.
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    2023 Trail Cam Pics

    Here kitty kitty…
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    2023 Trail Cam Pics

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    2023 Trail Cam Pics

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    Trespassers on private land

    Was it a local guide? We do have a few around…
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    Trespassers on private land

    Randy whatever happened with the other trespassers? Did they end up in court?
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    Cleaning brown discolouring off the hull

    This stuff works great I just screw a spray trigger into the top, let it soak for a bit then hose off with water.
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    Cool Guns

    MK4 how many pounds did you have there to launch that barrel? I had 3 pounds with a same blue plastic barrel and had it propped up about 10 inches off the ground but it sure didn’t go that high. It was a rain barrel that had a split in it from freezing so maybe that was the problem.
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    Skid Steers

    i have a ASV SR80 with 20” wide tracks, it pretty much floats everywhere but I was able to get it stuck in some peatland once. It also has the overhead door which is a real nice feature during the summertime when doing landscaping work having to get in and out lots. The attachments are like...
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    Trespassers on private land

    Any updates Randy?
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    In need of welder

    Shoutout to Neil for a wicked job repairing my aluminum wakeboard tower. Beautiful welds and a fair price 👍
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    In need of welder

    PM sent.
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    Random Pictures Thread

    We just started growing the winter garlic the last 2 years and never cut the scapes. The bulbs didn’t grow very big so planning on cutting them this year. Are they supposed to be a certain size before cutting?
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    In need of welder

    Nice looking welds Neil 👍 I need some repairs to my wakeboard tower if you’re up to it.
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    Trespassers on private land

    At least they’ve been caught. Was it a local guide?
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