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  1. GreyGhost

    Looking for riding suggestions for Sparwood area.

    Just don't go to Barnes lake. That spot can be a little scary! Sent from my Pixel 7 using Tapatalk
  2. GreyGhost

    Ckx shovel and saw

    I can't remember what ckx shovel I had but yeah they're pretty good. Btw you can't drive over them though Sent from my Pixel 7 using Tapatalk
  3. GreyGhost

    P0428 code 2022 850 help

    Had that on mine but the sensor on my expansion chamber back right out Sent from my Pixel 7 using Tapatalk
  4. GreyGhost

    Cerakoted Snowmobile Tunnel

    Has anyone Cerakoted a snowmobile tunnel? If so how did it hold up? Cerakotes website Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk
  5. GreyGhost

    Gen 4 to gen 5 changes

    You have other problems then. I'd suggest ordering new insulation or wrapping it in heat tape. Heat tape worked great on my XM!
  6. GreyGhost

    Bump stops

    I would install them again. The suspension can fully compress and destroy that flimsy rear shock
  7. GreyGhost

    I feel dirty but I rode a Polaris boost matryx

    Sounds like every aftermarket turboed sled I’ve ever heard
  8. GreyGhost

    Costco Rocks!

    Would suck if the wires were loose and you stepped in a puddle
  9. GreyGhost

    2022 boost on the dyno. 196 hp!!!!

    “Fake news”-Donald J. Trump 2020 All jokes but it’s nice to see some competition between the brands
  10. GreyGhost

    2022 boost on the dyno. 196 hp!!!!

    Me too then we might have a pissing contest between skidoo and Polaris. Skidoo will simply add more power and then Polaris and so on
  11. GreyGhost

    Shortening a 175

    They would also have to narrow down the side panels for it to be really noticeable
  12. GreyGhost

    Ceramic Coated Tunnels??

    No no. I was just curious. We usually start out at about $1000 for a full exterior detail on trucks your size but we hardly ever polish the whole thing because then it brings so many flaws in the paint that show up over time. You probably would have paid over $2000 for a full detail in and out...
  13. GreyGhost

    Shortening a 175

    If you actually want to do then let me know. I can hook you up with a decent 154 tunnel
  14. GreyGhost

    Ceramic Coated Tunnels??

    I haven’t done any teslas but yes GM has the worst paint out of all of them. That’s honestly not that bad. Did they do the interior?
  15. GreyGhost

    Ceramic Coated Tunnels??

    Just curious what they charged you. A graphene ceramic is a much better alternative especially if you can wash it regularly. It worked really good on the outside of the tunnel but I never coated the inside
  16. GreyGhost

    2021-2022 Sled Builds

    $200 deal or no deal haha
  17. GreyGhost

    First ride pictures?

    Understandable. No sense putting people at risk
  18. GreyGhost

    Ceramic Coated Tunnels??

    Yeah I’ve seen that, just not a big fan of how it looks. Would rather apply a coating then tape
  19. GreyGhost

    Ceramic Coated Tunnels??

    You guys mean pledge like in the stuff you clean house hold stuff with? And long haired freak the tunnel is partially powered coated but just not fully in the inside
  20. GreyGhost

    First ride pictures?

    No trackings going up the mountain????
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