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  1. Kyle89

    Commuter Sedan - What would you buy?

    I drive 100km a day to and from work. Iv had my bmw 328 diesel for 2 years now. Average 43 mpg or 5ish L per 100kms. I get over 1000 kms per 55L tank. Awd so is good all winter. Sent from my SM-G781W using Tapatalk
  2. Kyle89

    Any dual sport guys on here?

    Once the frame is stamped OHV your pretty much stuck with that designation. Mistake by the registry doesn't make it legal. You probably won't come across any issues unless you were in an accident , which is risk you have to be willing to take Sent from my SM-G781W using Tapatalk
  3. Kyle89

    Any dual sport guys on here?

    It's still tricky to find the right bike. When I'm on highway/ gravel I want something bigger, but offroad I want something light. I had ktm 690, I enjoyed it but I wanted something more trail/singletrack minded. Sold that and got an older ktm 525. I still have my 2 stroke for dedicated...
  4. Kyle89

    Winter Tires

    I can't see how those would be good on ice, little siping and blocky lugs. Sent from my SM-G781W using Tapatalk
  5. Kyle89

    Duramax Transmission Temp?

    I don't really look at Temps in winter but summer when towing can see 190-200* pulling hills. I use trans-synd , have 410xxx kms on my 07.5 lmm Sent from my SM-G781W using Tapatalk
  6. Kyle89

    20 Axys 800 starting with throttle

    TPS probably could be out of spec. You can set it yourself if you have 12V power supply, multimeter. Here's a how to link, with the setpoints it should be set at (base, idle and wot specs)
  7. Kyle89

    Rv antifreeze issues

    Been blowing out lines for years no issues. Lines only crack when ice expands and has no where to go( line not bled). Having some residual water freeze is not gonna blow your a line
  8. Kyle89

    2022-2023 Revelstoke and Area Updates

    I remember going to lake Louise in -30 , -40 with wind chill in my younger days. -20 isn't that cold for a ski hill.. Sent from my SM-G781W using Tapatalk
  9. Kyle89

    Used sled prices

    Several years ago I put one of my dirt bikes up for sale/trade. A guy offered his 2014 arctic cat m8 straight across. I met the guy to do the deal, going through the paperwork. He still had lien, (he was clueless and thought he could trade me and still make his sled payments) and still had 4...
  10. Kyle89

    LLM Delete tuning

    Schultz diesel in calgary is where you wanna go Sent from my SM-G781W using Tapatalk
  11. Kyle89

    Where were you on 9/11 ?

    I'm a millwright at quirk creek , just finished a turnaround yesterday lol Sent from my SM-G781W using Tapatalk
  12. Kyle89

    Best Diesel regardless of make or year…

    2008 LMM duramax, on 7+ years, currently sitting around 410k kms. Just regular maintenance, always added fuel additive. original injectors, turbo, tranny.. Sent from my SM-G781W using Tapatalk
  13. Kyle89

    Turbo Housing Bolts loose **CHECK**

    The Nord lock washers are what I'm familiar with. Iv have picked them up at fastenal before
  14. Kyle89

    Determining prices for parting out sleds

    BWC powersports seem to sell around 85% of new lol
  15. Kyle89

    Even Subaru knows about Polaris durability

    Dont forget its acceptable to burn 1L oil every 2000kms too
  16. Kyle89

    Bike prices

    Used KTMs seem to sell pretty high as well. I paid 9200$ OTD for my 2018 when new. You still see guys asking 7500 for used 2015/16's. I hard time selling my 14' yz450f, sold it for 4200 2 years ago after months of sitting
  17. Kyle89

    Raptor Liner

    I've read up on a handful of bedliners and the raptor liner seems to be pretty reputable. Put in the proper prep work and should turn out great. Lots of youtube videos on it
  18. Kyle89

    Brake pads for 18 axys?

    I suppose if you live in edmonton that works out great....
  19. Kyle89

    Brake pads for 18 axys?

    His prices are high for used. For alot of stuff, spend a little more and get new.
  20. Kyle89

    Piston Ring

    You probably will find your answers your looking for on ktmtalk forum
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