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  1. mudboy

    Silver Tip Sledder’s

    Does this group get seniors discount on meals, hotels,and most important snow and mud apparels Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. mudboy

    Trespassers on private land

    Guess you will be looking for some extra harrows to place at appropriate location And possibly upside down Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. mudboy

    Chainsaw for use on the trail.

    Interesting chat I would never of thought of a drone being essential Personally I would of packed gas over a drone But guess I am dating myself Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. mudboy

    Electric Pickup Trucks: What’s Here and What’s Coming

    So Let’s get it started now Can we put a sled deck on an electric half ton truck [emoji848]
  5. mudboy

    Air bag fitting

    Greg’s distributors is where I picked up new fittings from when I had a similar leaking issue
  6. mudboy

    Remote Start Keyfob

    Go on amazon and look for the remote They have rhem
  7. mudboy

    Chain saw

    Find the metal tag on the saw that tells you where it was made I learned the hard way that not all of them are made the same F
  8. mudboy

    bruderheim sand area

    After seeing the crew in the ditch pounding posts and stringing barb wire yesterday I would say yes
  9. mudboy

    2 sleds in box?

    Depends if it is a 1/2 t or 3/4 t But if a one tonne I think it should work Or is it a regular can f150 2wd long box
  10. mudboy

    Sled Deck Ramps Concerns

    Use winch line
  11. mudboy

    1998 powder special 600 problems

    Does it have the fuel filters in the gad tank If so try replacing them Had a similar issue and took long time to figure that one out
  12. mudboy

    Bill 6

    Sad,sad news. Was talking to Santa this eve, and it looks like because of Bill 6, he will not stopping in Alberta next Christmas. He said that every parent of every little boy & girl would have to have a well lit house, with a traffic control officer with proper PPE. Santa also said that he...
  13. mudboy

    Sat ride

    Just a reminder It is hunting season and there will. Be a few people out that way looking for 4 legged animals
  14. mudboy

    Led light bar

    But when you have the white Oakley on You do not notice that
  15. mudboy

    Motocross accident

    Rip Dave You will be missed
  16. mudboy

    Anyone have a 5th wheel toyhauler? NEED OPINIONS

    2008 forest river xlr 41 ft with the trail air ride right on the front of it Used to drag it all over the back roads and nothing ever bounced Good solid unit To bad wife wants to sell it now :;
  17. mudboy

    you can put a deck on a 2015 f150......

    Looks like Joey got a new truck
  18. mudboy

    Winter rated all seasons

    Tried calling fountain tire today 366 duratracs on back order Sol till mid November earlier December
  19. mudboy

    Riding At The Lake, Next Generation

    If you need a co pilot let me know
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