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  1. vrscr43

    Harley owners

    I have an 06 Night train. 88, 5 speed. Great commuter bike. I drive it to work everyday. Longer trips I take my Road glide as the Night train isn't really built for touring.
  2. vrscr43

    Anyone have a cfmoto uforce?

    New outfit in Sherwood Park is a dealer.
  3. vrscr43

    Muskoka Freerider

    That was pretty awesome
  4. vrscr43

    Riding @ The Lake.

    Built a garage out at the lake this summer. No more hauling sleds back and forth. More time for riding! Hopefully its a good snow year
  5. vrscr43

    Israel at War

  6. vrscr43

    Random Video thread

    How do they take the video?
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  8. vrscr43

    Muskoka Freerider

    I watch the videos he puts out every once in awhile. Pretty awesome stuff Who gives a xxxx about the sled maintenance, lets talk about the cool areas he is riding and the drive to get up something or get somewhere.
  9. vrscr43

    2019 Arctic Cat mountain cat or 2020 Alpha ?

    Had both 2018 163 3" Mountain Cat 2021 154 2.75" Alpha Both were awesome but prefer the Alpha because of its playfulness
  10. vrscr43

    leave the throttle lever alone !

    I was overheating on the trail through the trees going up to the anthills at Renshaw. I was cooling it down and a buddy told me to consistently blip the throttle while winding through the tress and it will not overheat. Don't know why but it worked pretty good.
  11. vrscr43

    Muskoka Freerider

    Every time I watch a Muskoka video on you tube I have to sit through a Rachel Notley NDP promo...(n)(n)
  12. vrscr43

    Gun control, it's coming...

    Just a thought Why didn't the government start with real stiff penalties for gun crimes? Like armed robbery or break and entering with a weapon equals life in prison, no parole.
  13. vrscr43

    Appliance life span and our throwaway world

    I have repaired lots of appliances over the years. Usually get the replacement parts from Amre or amazon. Funny thing is all the different brands use the same parts.
  14. vrscr43

    Yellowstone season 5

    Wait until all the episodes are available. Power watch it on the 1 week free trial then cancel the subscription.
  15. vrscr43

    "Just about" anything goes
  16. vrscr43

    Random Pictures Thread

    Life time guarantee on power fist and you do not need a receipt.
  17. vrscr43

    Anyone selling a Night Train

    Night trains usually go for more dollars than the same year softail. I got a really good deal on it mainly because the guys wife wanted it gone and bike selling season is coming to an end.
  18. vrscr43

    Anyone selling a Night Train

  19. vrscr43

    Anyone selling a Night Train

    Here she is
  20. vrscr43

    Anyone selling a Night Train

    Your right, need to give it a bath first
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