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  1. Monster 1000

    *Wanted* 2013 XM Stock Pipe

    are you still needing the pipe. I have one.
  2. Monster 1000

    2.6 powerclaw opinion

    Thats funny. Glad I rode the cat with that track instead of following. the 2.6 is an awesome track.
  3. Monster 1000

    Snow Watch

  4. Monster 1000

    Front Bumper

    Just wondering if anyone is putting on a different front bumper? I am wanting something that gives a bit more protection than the stock bumper.
  5. Monster 1000


    thanks guys for all your input. I have them mounted and the went on easy peasy.
  6. Monster 1000


    I am wanting to put scratchers on my 2013. The spring type that you flip up on the rails when in the powder. Am I going to have to drill holes in the rails or am I missing something? thanks in advance.
  7. Monster 1000

    Do you ride with a beacon, shovel and a probe.

    Yes you rent one but do you know how to use one?
  8. Monster 1000

    Unexpected hazards.. I need some help

    Dont need signs. if its not your land its tresspassing.
  9. Monster 1000

    2013 M1100 Turbo review

    There is no comparision. The 2.6 is waaaayyyy better. imo :cool:
  10. Monster 1000

    Blue Jewel / Blue River Updates & Conditions 2012 / 2013

    Sounds awsome. heading out there on monday. cant wait.:dance:
  11. Monster 1000

    Gloves ??

    True Adventure Gear . Both gauntlet and short ones. Best gloves i own and way cheaper. $50 at the sled show. IMO.
  12. Monster 1000

    Diamond S Hoods

    Just woundered if anyone has put a Diamond S hood on and if they like them and where a guy might be able to pick one up? Sounds like a fair bit of weight savings.
  13. Monster 1000

    Anyone doing the AST1 Dec 15/16 in Valemount?

    We have two maybe 3 guys in our group doing the field course on the 17th. Then we all have our AST1. The field course sure ties the class room all together. Nice when the whole group is on the same page.
  14. Monster 1000

    Blue Jewel / Blue River Updates & Conditions 2012 / 2013

    x2 hopefully it dumps before the 16th.
  15. Monster 1000

    Shourt out to zac's tracs ast1 course in lloydminster nov25,2012... Excellent !!!

    x2. If you ride in the backcountry get some training.
  16. Monster 1000

    Songs that remind you of sledding.

    Anna Nalick - Breathe
  17. Monster 1000

    Mountain Weights on Flatland

    the wrong weights in a clutch will not wreck it. It will only over rev.
  18. Monster 1000

    M800 clutching?

    i havent tried it yet but i am going to put 75 gram weights and a red spring in the primary. not sure what to do with the secondary.
  19. Monster 1000

    tool kit

    put mine under the seat.
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