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  1. NosRX1

    Golden and area Conditions 2019-2020

    Hey Chris where was this? Rode Silent today was pretty tracked out, But never went to far back.
  2. NosRX1

    2016 Hunting Pictures

    This is the bull I got this year, one side broke off or he would have been a good 5x5
  3. NosRX1

    Cataract creek snowmobile area offical thread 2015/16

    How tough is it to get to Fording pass from Cataract creek? is the trail marked? and is it ok for beginners? wanting to take my daughter out there.
  4. NosRX1

    Companies Against motorized power sports!

    I did not realize there is so many big companies out there against the sport I love, going to have to shorten up the list of manufactures that I use! Which companies are against snowmobiling?? [Archive] - SnoWest Snowmobile Forum
  5. NosRX1

    Anyone Got Their SnoCheck Yet?

    Picked up my sled 2nd week of August, now just need snow!
  6. NosRX1

    Ford 6.7 After market Turbo's

    Hi guys just trying to find some information on who is running what for after market turbo's on the 2011-2014 6.7 Diesels. A friend of mind chipped and did the delete kit. Having doing so he has heard the Stock turbo's have ceramic bearings and tend to fail. Let me know what your running and the...
  7. NosRX1

    Edmonton oilers suck.... A venting thread

    I thought the Oilers did what they had to do last night, Well done Todd Nelson!!!....Go Flames Go!
  8. NosRX1

    show us your bike !

    Here is the Harley I bought last year loving it!
  9. NosRX1

    First Rides 2015

    I've have been lucky enough to get out 3 times this year so far. Went into Calgary about 3 weeks ago in that wind storm(never checked the weather before leaving Sundre) and merging on to hwy 2 my glasses blew off my head while shoulder checking, was a long ride to Airdre with no wind shield and...
  10. NosRX1

    March conditions 2015

    Is this demo only happening in Valemount? I'll be in Mcbride most likely at that time may have to swing down there for one of those days.
  11. NosRX1

    Youth Snowmobile Safety Day

    Really wish I was home for this, Just getting my 14 year old Daughter into the sport and any and all information will only help and encourage her. I hope you plan on doing this again next year cause this is a great idea and great for the sport teach them right while they are young!....Hearing...
  12. NosRX1

    2016 Arctic cats

    Yeah I'll be snow checking one of them this year for sure!
  13. NosRX1

    2016 Arctic cats

    I obviously need to stop living under this damn rock!!
  14. NosRX1

    2016 Arctic cats

    Quebec government holds out lifeline to Bombardier: Another reason why I'd never own a doo, remember all those equalization funds set from the Alberta economy to the rest of the country?...needless to say its going to all the wrong places!!
  15. NosRX1

    2016 Pro climb

    I absolutely, love the 800 in the Cats, run for ever with good power may not be the most fuel efficient, but there is always a doo kicking around to get some fuel off of anyways...that's how I roll!
  16. NosRX1

    Sled wrap

    Keep up the fine work with pictures like this going out on the web, HTR designs, and the other wrap companies will soon have to close their doors!
  17. NosRX1

    Tie your sleds down properly

    I figure since I tie the wife down, I may as well tie my sleds down as well!! :)
  18. NosRX1

    Renshaw Cabin Extension

    Looks awesome!!
  19. NosRX1

    were can i find good snow in the mountains??

    Best place to find good snow in the mountains is last years youtube videos :)
  20. NosRX1

    2016 Yamaha Viper

    Really Considering making my next sled a Viper seeing and hearing some great things from them!!
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