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  1. ice auger

    Are you this hardcore?

  2. ice auger

    Picture of your first Sled-Memory Lane

    Awesome pics guys.....
  3. ice auger

    Is your wife / girlfriend hot or cold?

    Sounding like Klim is the way to go......
  4. ice auger

    Is your wife / girlfriend hot or cold?

    Our riding styles are alittle of everything.....she woint do the 100 mph across the lake but she does kick it down. What do people think of Klim, motor fist, for the Polaris brands? Thank for the pinions so far....
  5. ice auger

    Is your wife / girlfriend hot or cold?

    Thanks for the information.....any other opinions?
  6. ice auger

    Is your wife / girlfriend hot or cold?

    Thanks guys......She rides 1000 to 1500 on good snow years mainly here in MN . She has a complete Polaris set (jacket, bibs) but has lost weight 145 down to 125 and the gear looks really bulky on her and could let cold air in now. She loves and will keep her HJC helmet but I am looking for...
  7. ice auger

    Is your wife / girlfriend hot or cold?

    Ok now that I have your attention.....what riding gear are the ladies buying? My wife is extremely cold ALL the time and it sometimes can cut the day down for riding. Right now she has a Polaris jacket and bibs which are ok but looking for options.....any suggestions?
  8. ice auger

    Pictures of the Cheesiest Chit ever!!!

    this is an awesome thread!
  9. ice auger

    summer deals?

    tracks USA?
  10. ice auger

    Need Advice on Utility Sled

    whatever matti that polaris engine is rock solid.........we have two ion our fleet of utility sled and they have almost 10K on them..........gas, oil, skags, hyfax, and some idler wheel bearing.
  11. ice auger

    It's getting a little Krazy again

    thanks for the pics
  12. ice auger

    Chris brown injured

    For a minuate there I thought you were posting about the
  13. ice auger

    Avalanche Burial and Recovery Helmet Cam

    holy chit....
  14. ice auger

    oh chit there is no one from MN here

    yea no one here.....
  15. ice auger

    lost polaris

    keep us in the loop....very interesting.....
  16. ice auger

    Whiteout magazine march issue is in the mail

    Great magazine.....
  17. ice auger

    New Bombardier Product

  18. ice auger

    Another bomb went off !!!!!!!!!!

    People have to remember manufacturers go through problems with their models. (not defending all manufacturer). I remember years ago when i was on the Blowest website and people were ready to call for the public exicution of the president of cat due to clutch propblems. These cat clutches...
  19. ice auger

    Options for coolant tank mod

    yea just wondering if you knew if it was a metal cap on a plastic bottle or a platic cap on a plastic bottle...Wahl bros said they would make we a metal one for me for $75.
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