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  1. Firecatman

    New 2023/24 Cataract Creek snow and riding conditions

    Maybe worth a drive out there 🤷‍♂️
  2. Firecatman

    New 2023/24 Cataract Creek snow and riding conditions

    Was kind of wondering the same
  3. Firecatman

    2023/2024 Fernie area

    We were up there on Saturday and the total snowpack isn't terrible up top, but nothing has frozen so there's lots of open, running water. We had to cross quite a few streams going up the trail. And there's no base at all so yes, venturing off the trail is a bit sketchy still
  4. Firecatman

    2023/2024 Fernie area

    Sounds like they're still working on the pipeline but they were going to at least try and groom it this year
  5. Firecatman

    Forster 2022-23

    No, we were on our way up and the clouds started rolling in so we didn't end up going all the way up
  6. Firecatman

    Forster 2022-23

    We were up that way last weekend, snowpack is definitely low for this time of year, but there's enough to get out for a ride. Lots of running water and open creeks
  7. Firecatman

    2022/2023 fernie season.

    It was super windy over the weekend, especially yesterday, but there's definitely some good snow if you know where to look.
  8. Firecatman

    McBride in late March

    ya definitely depends on the year, late March is usually still a safe bet. I know last year we were up that way mid-April and it was still really good.
  9. Firecatman

    2022/2023 fernie season.

    ya pretty sure they're advising people not to head down the pipeline this year with all the junk that got left behind, and is now probably just under the snow, so can't really see them grooming it
  10. Firecatman

    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2021 2022

    Awesome! Will have to come check it out.
  11. Firecatman

    Fernie Season 2021/2022

    Not sure what's it's like now as I think they've had snow since, but was out there on the weekend of the 6th and Morrissey lot and trail were pretty bare down low. Coal creek was better as far as snow coverage. Snow was pretty awesome up top though.
  12. Firecatman

    AC Release Date

    Just the Cat accessory boards.
  13. Firecatman

    2020 running issues

    Check your TSS. Greyish plug under the hood, unplug it and see if it still acts up.
  14. Firecatman

    SlimeR HDC Alpha

    Luckily in the shop, but just pulled the threads out of mine at ~1400 miles, there's a guy out of Vermillion making a new bushing for this, have one coming my way so we'll see if that works any better. Not a huge fan of drilling a hole through the rail in that spot. What spring are you...
  15. Firecatman

    Fernie season 2020/2021

    haha nope, wrong colour Ram, wrong area of Calgary / Rocky View. Just got back from Fernie though, conditions were pretty good Sunday-Monday. Wish we could have rode today, they got quite the dump last night from what I saw when I was leaving.
  16. Firecatman

    Weak shocks on the Hardcores

    The 2021 rear spring P/N is 3704-785 for anyone wondering, I just installed it on my '20. It's also 2" shorter, 11" vs. the stock '20 spring which is 13" long.
  17. Firecatman

    Fernie season 2020/2021

    Headed there for Sunday-Monday with a couple buddies, see how it goes. Forecast is looking half decent anyways.
  18. Firecatman

    Not sure if my PM sent. See if this works. Just wondering if you got your Alberta Cycle snow...

    Not sure if my PM sent. See if this works. Just wondering if you got your Alberta Cycle snow check for the price you were quoted in the spring.
  19. Firecatman

    Bos motorsports

    Not here to confirm or deny anything, but there's more then one reason that a dealer does inventory.
  20. Firecatman

    Bos motorsports

    So what happens to all the sno checks that went through BOS if they're done?
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