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  • Just a thought could a video be produced relating to Back Country recreational use. Say one for BC skiers and one for BC sledders ( BC Back Country) possibly some of the proceedes going to the CAC. I think there is a demand and a responsability to educate people on safe BC travel and terrain choice. I have sledded for the past 25 yrs all over British Columbia and Alberta and I know we have some great resources that have to date remained untapped. People I consider professional riders who have extensive BC knoledge. Be nice to see the effort pushed farther. Our fatality numbers are down more and more people are utilizing latest and greatest safety equipment to ensure our inncident numbers continue to decline. Thanks
    Wondering about the ast1 at Echo Marine. What is the correct date and is there still room Thanks Don
    Over the next month or so we will be setting out a schedule for next season. Our best guesses so far are posted at this link:
    Where are you from fargineyesore?
    hey there i am in fort sask. and i was wondering if you are going to have another course out here... if so when...
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