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    Which gives slower upshift.

    48 start is rather aggressive if you are running a mountain sled and may not backshift well which is why you drop. You can try a slightly less finish to take some load off you may have to drop pin weight. I would try a purple/purple secondary spring first, before getting a new helix. higher the...
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    Drag races March 16th Slave Lake

    Any races for 2020?
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    2018/19 Revelstoke and Area Updates

    Rode Frisby yesterday. Headlight deep snow where I was.
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    15 t3 163 clutch kit suggestions

    Roosterbuilt and call er good.
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    Paradise Valley Snowmobile Drag Races

    Seen this on facebook. Looks like some drag races next week up in Dawson Creek. Rules can be found on their facebook page. Rules and classes etc. No 800cc class - they group 800/850 into 900 fyi.
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    Inreach or Spot X

    I was part of a group that used a SPOT S.O.S to Help a guy out from Blue or Hunters in Sicamous. I was naive as you and said I couldn't believe it was 3hrs or so for the Heli to come, and it came from Vernon. But it was, I am not sure why it takes so long but I've seen other groups use Spot for...
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    Mt Washington riding

    That looks wicket. I will be working in Vancouver in the new year on a rotation. Be awesome to come over and check out Mt. Washington sometime if ya wouldn't mind letting a guy tag along.
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    2018/19 Revelstoke and Area Updates

    Rode Turtle on Dec 25th. Fresh tracks in - first time for myself. Awesome snow in the tree lines and fun pull to get up into the area. Compared to same time as last year definitely down on snow. Trails were awesome in and out that day.
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    Eagle Valley / Sicamous Updates 2018 - 2019

    Rode Eagles on Dec 24th - Found decent snow in the burn area to play in. Bunch of turkeys had a SXS stuck couple 100' from the cabin so had to pull up the hill to get around them. Ran into the same SXS end of the day on the way out and he did not want to give leeway to let guys pass. Does the...
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    Aric is butt hurt at Lagono .... looked fair racing to me didn't even touch him. Hope Kurt pulls off a win and punts Truex....maybe Bush more so if thats possible. I know exactly what will happen if he was to win.... all you would see is his wife on TV instead of the race smh
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    ABSC - Fall 2018 Newsletter

    Wicket ill be there :beer:
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    2018/2019 Sled Deck vs 4 place rant

    Lol.... ill do ya one better, what about a guy with a Limited 350, not gonna lie got it cheaper then a Platty so crazy not to. I do a lot of driving an them massage seats are worth it. Don't worry no lift kit and stock wheels, Kangol ball cap and work safety sun glasses lol.
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    Ski-Doo Summit Track Weights

    If I was to use it in the mountains more I would get the normal track. Idea is to change it for a lighter track for the hill climb races later in the year. If I could save couple lbs on a lighter track it make sense
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    ABSC - Fall 2018 Newsletter

    Races planned again this year?
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    Ski-Doo Summit Track Weights

    I've search hi n low before asking this or I just suck at searching. I am trying to find out the weight of the tracks that skidoo uses. My 2013 XM has a PowderMax 2 FlexEdge 163x16x2.5" @ 2.86 pitch part#504153200. I am trying to find the weight of it to compare to a XP? track part# 504152801...
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