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    2020-2021-Mcbride conditions and updates

    Dose anyone have a map of Bell or a link for a map of McBride
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    Narrowing a 14 Freeride’s skis stance

    Wow, that’s too easy. Thanks
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    13 Freeride ski Milage

    I rode with a guy this past spring up at Grizzly Lodge that had just dropped a new engine in his 11 Freeride. He had over 11K on his ETEC and blew the bottom end. He said in that time he only replaced the starter and rebuilt the clutch. impressive.
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    Narrowing a 14 Freeride’s skis stance

    Would anyone know of a kit or otherwise that I can narrow the skis on my Freeride
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    13 Freeride ski Milage

    4-5K sound great. I have the highest milage of all my friends. Most guys turn them over after 2K. Not a bad idea. Thanks
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    13 Freeride ski Milage

    I have a 13 Freeride with about 3,400 km on it so far. When should I be thinking of doing the top end? A little background, my 13 year old (Novice rider) son rides it mostly around home but it does see 5-7 days in the mountains. I ride a 14 Summit but still has only 2,000 km on it but that's 98%...
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    E-TEC engine life

    6,200 k that pretty good. Do you live on your sled?
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    E-TEC engine life

    Wow, very comforting to know! Thanks for the input everyone! Dean
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    E-TEC engine life

    You rebuilt your entire motor just past 1000 km? Did you mean 10,000 km
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    E-TEC engine life

    What is the lifespan of the E-TEC engines? I was looking at buying a used E-TEC sled and curious about what would be considered too many miles. I got 3,200 mi on my 06 HO 800 and blew the crank. The brother in law had 2,200 on his 2011 P- TEC before he had to rebuild the top end. I’ve been told...
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    Broken Steering post on a 97 Summit 670

    Just broke the steering post on my 97 670 Summit. I haven't tore into it yet. Do I have to pull the motor to change the post. Dam thing broke in the centre of the upper bushing, clean break! Dean
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    ABS Packs

    I've just started looking into AST and Avy Packs. I've been riding a little scared the last few years and I'm doing something about it this year! I'm favoring the ABS Vario 15 bag. Do you know of any dealers in the Edmonton area. I would buy online, but it would be nice to be able to go through...
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    Burnstick Lake, Ab

    Would anyone know of any good trails around Burnstick lake? I'll be camping their for the first time the end of July. Mud, Hills it's all great!
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    Hey Jeff, Sorry I didn't catch the last name "Blonde bitch eh" I got your # now and I will call...

    Hey Jeff, Sorry I didn't catch the last name "Blonde bitch eh" I got your # now and I will call you next time I go. Call the next time your in town, stop in for a cold one! Dean
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    Never herd anything about BJ, but the Grail, Samlon & Groundhog were awsom! We were in 3-4 ft of powder. It was wet and heavy but still fun! And don't let some of the locals fool ya. Holy Grail is not private! It's a bitch getting in but it's open to the world! Just ask any local!
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