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  • Hey u proable already have plans, but if not I have it teed up to ride Castle mtn. out of Pincher Creek, on sat with a guy that rides it all the time and I'm invited if you want to come along.
    good to hear you got it running there for a while i thought you were going to kill someone. it has a riding style all it's own and will take a while to get used to it. ride with your feet back from the foot wells, seems to help in the turning dept.
    no snow here at all, you lucky dog.
    Yes shes all back together. Took it out on thursday put 52kms on her and had it out the week before and put on 26kms. Very different from the cat. Feels like my buddies Yamaha (the body english) but way lighter. Clutchs are aligned but i will be installing a DJ clutch kit real soon just need to order it. I vented the clutch side, installed my hotdogger. she needs a polish and a wax and shes ready for a season. It feels good in a different way. Hoping to be out in golden fernie direction about the 27th of dec. Abuddy is trying to put a trip together for yellowstone as well so i will see which way i head. Hope to ride with you guys again i had fun last time. I will be in golden for sure at the end of feb (26,27,28,march1,2) as i will be completeing my avy1field day on the 27th

    cheers Larry
    hey a few of the boys are heading to fernie on march 31 to april 3, thought i'd let you know, you and any one else are welcome to come, we will try to stay out of the steep as it is a little avi in most areas. the area is a lot tamer than golden.
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