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    4 bottled Heineken’s in 45mins. No buzz. Wtf?

    Why would anyone drink dat chit!!
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    Sept 30- Time to pay!!

    That’s exactly what I was referring to
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    Sept 30- Time to pay!!

    It’s time to continue to pay!! Enjoy another free day… like ya needs one??
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    Random Pictures Thread

    Campin BC!!
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    2021 Sled Show in Edmonton - Cancelled

    I’d take at least 2 or more
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    Who’s all sled camping in 2021/22

    Can we stay on topic at least once? I have a small 19 foot Toyhauler that should be good and heat pretty good. What are the best things to suggest as must haves and the cool stuff no one ever thought of before you. Go!!
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    what does O&G do for BC?

    a BC west coast ass at it’s best!!
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    Who’s all sled camping in 2021/22

    No hotel or restaurant/pub access for people not vaccinated? Who plans to sled camp this season?
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    Going to drop the writ of election on Sunday

    I thought Newfoundland receives $0 in transfer paymenyts. Queerbec is the largest receiver of transfer payments. Correct me if I am wrong. Yes I’m originally from The Rock and been out west since 1991 for work.
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    2021 Boating pics and vids!

    Those are ships!!
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    The fast start to the summer fire season.

    What a wonderful faucked up world we live in as a result of media!! Social Forums etc... No accountability!!
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