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  • Lol It was definetly a hung over drive home yes!. How did you find me on here unless in my drunken mess i told you my name on here haha. I bet you guys had another blast. Did you run into Daddy Darwin that weirdo lol
    Hi there!Someone told me that u put a cat skid in a nytro i tried to put 162 timbersled skid in and the hole centers are the same but skid is in the wrong place in the tunnel.Wondering what u did.
    OK. price on the kingquad with accessories as request would be 12,ooo tax in everything installed, only one hitch snorkel kit is for belt only... not intake, its from hmf , alot of people make there own.. so let me know its about a 250.00 with kit and install

    Let me know

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