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    show us your bike !

    This is my ride 2006 Honda GL1800
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    1994 Polaris Indy Super Sport

    Thinking of selling this older or almost classic Sled 440 fan cooled. It would make a great stubble jumper. We even had it out to the Fernie area several times years past. its not getting enough use. Just got it back form the shop for a carb rebuild and a few other minor issues. but it runs...
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    duromax fuel economy

    I agree with AbleSmith moderation in driving is key. Everything lasts longer,and you save fuel. I am no tree hugger. I will do what is necessary to make my truck run more efficiently. At the same time if I decide I am in a hurry or decide I need to utilize all the resources my truck has to...
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    Riding areas around Fernie

    I appreciate the invitation, and I may look into that sometime when my wife and I want to get away for a weekend. But I only live 2 hours from Fernie. Its is only a short 2 hour drive for me, and since my 2 kids are skiing at the hill every Saturday for the next couple of weeks, my schedule...
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    Sucks to be this guy

    now thas good
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    Anyone running new 2011 Duramax

    just wondering if it is possible to delete the urea system and the extra emmisions on the new d-max with the use of programmers.
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    Duramax exhaust ideas for 2005

    I just run my 2004.5 lly stock except for a programer or chip (Van Aaken chip). I have always wondered if a turbo back exhaust, or a cat back exhaust will make a huge added advantage for me. I do know that my Van Aaken chip has more than paid for itself of the the years that I have had my...
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    Cold out, what oil are guys running in diesel trucks

    I use shell rottela or Chevron synthetic 5-40 oil in all my diesels and gas pots. this way they start easier when it is cold and also since i am a litttle lazy in my oil changes I can be confident that it is not to critical because the oil does not d=break down as fast as fast as conventional oils.
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    Duramax Suburban on Kijiji

    35k is still pricey for the unit i think, low miles though, if it is as reliable as my 2004.5 lly 2500 hd, it should be one nice family machine. I think that it probably could be bought for under 25k. In fact I do not think my truck is worth more than 15k with 300000 km on it, even though it...
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    duromax fuel economy

    I have a 04.5 Lly don't know exactly what my milage is but I know this. I use a Va Aaken chip, set at medium (this company no longer sells chips as far as I know). Anyway I went selding to Fernie twice now same trip same milage only difference on trip had my chip installed and one did not...
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    Riding areas around Fernie

    Thanks, I did a little more exploring this Saturday and kind of figured that out. I guess those side trails were not groomed last week and that confused me. It's still kind of tough getting to wranglers cabin through the rolling hills, but at least I am not getting lost now. Will need to do some...
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    Riding areas around Fernie

    I ride Fernie every Saturday now. I normally play along coal trail but when I read the groom report I see that Harvy pass, coal train, Martin creek and hills entry are groomed. I know about coal trail and Harvy pass, but where do Martin creek and hills entry start? I can not find them on the...
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    Post pics of your house build

    Thought I would post some pics of my garage. We moved into our house almost 5 months ago. When I designed my garage I wanted a 2 car garage big enough so I can park a crew cab long box dually inside with enough room for a work bench and enough room to walk around the truck so here we go. As...
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    Wrong clutch weights from factory! 2010 Dragon 800.

    What I am gathering here is that I also may have a clutching issue with my 2008 800 dragon. On the trail approx 4500 ft asl. It powers till 42 mph then flattens out. I can push it to about 55 mph. My old 99 700 rmk powers right to 80 or till I get scared. I have not tried it on higher...
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    2009 assault vs 2008 xp

    Well here is what I did. I really like the color red, and then I came across this 2008 dragon mint shape, on it's 3rd engine, slp pipe and can, electric start, 155 track, ect. In fact I believe it was also advertised on snow and mud. Any ways I thought it looked real good and clean. I think...
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