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  • there is an add in the looking to hire section from catman. It sounds like your molson job but for aftermarket autoparts
    i have the same tires as you that i just ordered except they are 26" instead of 27"... do i need the spacers up front too?

    Great riding this past weekend. Watching Steve in that mud & water hole was hilarious. He did good at not giving up.
    How was the rest of the weekend for you guys? We'll have to get together and go quadding one of these weekends before the snow flies.
    was gonna say hi but got busy after I added ya so here it is........... glad we ran into you guy's it was alot of fun I hope your brother gets the video's an pic's from snow an mud weekend gotta say he was the highlight of that day lmao. Keep in touch you guys are alot of fun.
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