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  • Hey Budette.
    Hows things.
    Was wondering if you were still a member on here.
    Hope to see ya on the snow this year.
    Take care..Be safe

    Are you getting excited for the upcoming sledding season.."I AM"
    I'm hoping to get out a lot more this year than last one.
    I'm trying to set up some courses this year. I'm contacting a few companies and trying to pictch em on hiring me.
    Talk soon
    Hi, Have been sleding but just around home. Had a bad spill, hurt my leg. Nothing to serious. You will really enjoy that SIX. If you do have some problems with it I can help with parts ordering & stuff. Is it stock? 2" X 141 track? Any mods done to it? OR any you might want to do? Just shoot me a message I might be able to help. Have a good one. Lothar (LODER)
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