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    Johnson Lake is a real beautiful lake. There is a small lodge there as well where you can book if i recall. Also a first come first serve campground other end of lake. Its between Barriere and Kamloops off Agate bay road
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    Fishin pics

    First Kayak fishing trip of the year
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    Humorous Video Thread

    Testing fish in china for covid lol.... could be fake but doubt it. Funny none the less
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    Humorous Video Thread

    Lol... world has lost it
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    Random Pictures Thread

    Random 4runner over the bank the other day. Be a write off by the looks of it. All airbags went off and front end smashed up. They had cut a tree down as it looked wedge if they didn't.
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    Long gun registry back?

    Heard the guy talking about at CT gun counter today. He was saying they will just record your pal# when they sell a gun. Currently don't do this. Then it sounds like a bunch more hoops to jump through if you re-sell the gun they recorded. He was say any other guns before this they have no way of...
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    Muskoka Freerider

    Here is his other channel for the off season
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    1986 250r Quad

    Always wanted one growing up. Still can't afford them lol
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    Humorous picture thread

    All i am saying is unvaccinated people also like to travel. Yes they can't travel due to restrictions. You said " less crowds for me" and all im saying is it will still be busy even without the unvaccinated. Lets get back to the memes
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    Humorous picture thread

    Think alot did travel prior to 2019 and only thing holding back is restrictions at current time. Why would you think a person would not travel if they are against the vaccine as that has nothing to do with traveling?
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    Humorous picture thread

    Not really...lots of sheep to still travel. Record numbers getting passports
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