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    Ritchie bros sale

    Anyone up there buyin or sellin??
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    Pictures of the Cheesiest Chit ever!!!

    Just saw this truck in Lacombe last night!!!
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    2016 Hunting Pictures

    2016 Bull Elk.. 2016 Whitey..
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    Trudeau, freaks out and lost it.

    Joholio, did you not hear on AO??? Theres a new Sherriff in town...LOL...
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    Pictures of the Cheesiest Chit ever!!!

    Was this in Reddeer by any chance???
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    Favorite Vacation Destination

    Hands down Cayo coco in Cuba Will never go to Mexico again...
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    Vinyl siding install prices?

    I have a modified bi-level, meaning my master bedroom is over my 24x24 attatched garage.In a like a three level split if you wil....l I have 3 different peaks, and 2 window outjuttings ( like bay windows right ??) R & R siding, new caps on all windows, brick on the garage and jut outs, fake...
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    How many drinks are you into tonight

    Voddies an seven to watch my Hawks ge a ****z kickin... see ya in CHI Town ya gang an twangers....
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    Pictures of the Cheesiest Chit ever!!!

    LO... I've seen that one..
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    2014 Draws

    Two moose draws in my house in 334.... wall tents goin up for moose camp!! Cant wait!!
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    Biggest Buck

    A few of mine..
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    Hunting 2011 Season

    Thats why we get out of bed on coldmornings, congrats on the cranker for the young man!!
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    Hunting 2011 Season

    Belive it or not, my buck is 2.5 yrs , to 3.5 yrs old, very small, and I mean small, reletive to how big his rack is... Ive shot bigger does than him, he was tiny, young, but unreal genetics. Thx again gymbrat, also, my son and I had moose draws, which we filled, and he also connected on a small...
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    Hunting 2011 Season

    Thx gymbrat, emails sent!!!
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